Step Up Your Style Game With These Cool Sports Jackets

If you’re familiar with Tiño Suits, you know that they’re the only all-Filipino bespoke suit shop in the Philippines that offers expertly crafted bespoke suits by its master tailor, Napoleon Arienza.
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Getting a bespoke suit has numerous benefits, especially when you wear one to work, or you want a staple in your closet that you can bust out for weddings and other special events. Yet for those who want a more casual look but with a sense of dapper, check this out: Tiño is offering a ready-to-wear casual line for the everyday modern gent!
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Called Tiño Casual Classics, the line features items that are more wearable and suitable for day-to-day activities. It’s perfect for the stylish man who wants to inject some sophistication into his everyday wardrobe.
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The Tiño Casual Classics include Neapolitan sports jackets, which are made out of quality Italian and English fabrics. These Neapolitan sports jackets come with the quintessential three-roll-two chest buttons; soft shoulders, meaning they offer more mobility than your usual suit jacket; they’re quarter-lined, meaning they’re more durable but still easy to wear in this country’s tropical climate; handmade working buttonholes and sleeve buttons for that touch of class; and Barchetta and Pignata pockets, because it’s the details that count.
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Another option you can go for if you want to look a little more rugged and street is Tiño’s offering of safari jackets, featuring a two-chest pocket and patch pocket, and come in plain linen or cotton. You can channel your inner Indiana Jones with this one.
Tiño Casual Classics are being sold at Urban Traveller & Co., 2nd floor, Greenbelt 5, Makati City.
You can also check the original Tiño Bespoke Suits shop nearby at G/F Herco Center Benavidez St. Legaspi Village, Makati City.

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