STEEP Coffee Bags: Conveniently Make Brewed Coffee

There are many of us who, when we wake up, take a bit of time to REALLY wake up. You know who you are – the one who can’t fully operate unless you’ve had your early morning coffee fix, the one who needs to have the whole room smelling of good coffee before doing actual work, the one who can’t… no, i mean WON’T… lift a finger until you have a good cup of coffee nicely cradled in the palm of your hands — yes, YOU. Hello there! I’ve got something pretty special for you.


I’d like you to meet STEEP coffee bags. STEEP is going to be your new best friend. STEEP is the most convenient way for you to have your genuine early morning caffeine kick. STEEP is my secret weapon whenever I have that crazy deadline to beat. I’m in love with STEEP and yes, I’m willing to share him with you. I’m not talking instant coffee here. I’m talking about an honest-to-goodness home-brewed coffee – only this time, you’re making it more conveniently. You make it in just 3 minutes.


Unlike most brewed coffee, which you have to have the time to grind the beans, put it in in your french press or coffee maker, or whatever gadget you use to make your perfect cup, and then you wait a couple of minutes for your machine to brew your coffee; using STEEP is as easy as 1,2 and you guessed it, 3. You take a cup, put one coffee bag in it, pour hot water and yep, simply ENJOY your coffee.


STEEP uses biodegradable coffee bags to keep locally sourced coffee grounds intact while giving you the perfect brew every time. It’s just like making a cup of tea! Put it in your to-go coffee tumbler, use it when you go camping (yes, it’s where I find it the most convenient!), keep the single packets with you for that quick coffee fix anytime of the day.

If you’re not screaming “I have to have you!!” just yet, there’s one more thing that makes STEEP oh so satisfying! They come in many different flavors — hazelnut, french vanila, salted caramel — let me stop there before you jump up and down (in public) out of sheer joy and excitement. I’m with you, I get you, because yes,  I was that person jumping up and down too. That’s how much I’m addicted to coffee. You get it right? You do.


The next time you need your good cup of coffee, you just have to try STEEP. And don’t keep ’em all to yourself; be the coffee hero and share it with you coffee addict friends too! Because what goes best with a good cup of coffee? Friends who can enjoy the same brew!

STEEP Coffee Bags



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