STEAKcation: No Frills at Johnny’s Steak and Grill

Last June, the group who brought you the ever-beloved Phoenix Court in The Bellevue Manila opened its first branch of their casual new restaurant, Johnny’s Steak and Grill. Within walking distance of Tomas Morato, this new steakhouse is located at the ground floor of the edgy, industrial-themed B Hotel Quezon City.


At Johnny’s, they’re all about no frills, even if it’s in a hotel. The actual place itself embodies this without compromising comfort or quality.

The brick-, stone-, and wooden-paneled walls set a modern backyard stone grill feel. With a glass window peering into the kitchen, customers get the full grill experience as they watch their steaks cooked right in front of them. It’s comfortable yet not too extravagant—no frills, just steak. “You’re in and out of there in fifteen minutes,” said Ryan Chan, the managing director of B Hotel Quezon City.

Their service is also very accommodating and the waiter was very happy to offer access to the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

Johnny's Steak

For a hotel restaurant that serves high-end steaks, their prices are quite affordable, starting at only P640 for US Beef Ribeye. (Check out other places with affordable steaks.) These certainly aren’t prices to be found at other hotels for meat of this caliber.

As for quality, they did not disappoint. They know their steaks well. With a wide array of cuts, the menu is arranged based on the steak cuts, sauces, and sides, giving a unique emphasis on the customer’s preference. You get what you want, the way you like it.


They import their prime steaks from different suppliers (mostly US and Australian) and prepare each with a wet rub for a little kick. We had the prime striploin and rib eye, which were both incredibly tender and juicy. Chan recommends the rib eye.

The lamb racks were also superb and tasty; they did not have the gamy or smelly taste and were just as easy to cut.


They also offer rib steak tomahawk, porterhouse steak, and US beef tenderloin which can be paired with any of the sauces among shallot and red wine, peppercorn, mushroom, and garlic. They select and cook their steaks so that they’ll be soft even when you take ’em out and microwave them at home.


A great thing about this place is that it’s not just about the steak. You can enjoy your meat with a glass of wine (or their refreshing special iced tea) as well as one of their side dishes that are so mouth-watering they can be eaten on their own. As far as side dishes go, their Mac and Cheese is top notch. We also recommend their crisp Cajun Fries, Truffle Fries, and their wine-infused Steak Rice.


To make a bloated belly even happier, have their dessert. Their Truffle Chocolate Cake enters your mouth so smoothly and divinely with a triple chocolate layer and then perfectly complemented with a chewy biscuit crust. They’re about to release two new desserts: Mango Foster and Banana Foster, so be sure to watch out for those!

johnny's steak

Next time you’re looking for a place to treat yourself, take a #JohnnysSTEAKcation at Johnny’s Steak and Grill!

Johnny’s Steak and Grill



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B Hotel Quezon City, 14 Scout Rallos, Laging Handa, Quezon City


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