Status Hair Salon: Giving Your Hair a Whole Lot of Lovin!

When In Manila, the hustle and bustle of the city can definitely wear you down and one thing we often miss to take good care of when we’re our facing the world is our HAIR. 

Yep. I’ve been recently going out and battling the daily commute and by the end of the day — HELLO, dry and frizzy hair! (in addition to my already damaged, overcolored hair) but thank goodness I found Status Hair Salon who gave my hair a lot of lovin’ and I definitely give them my two thumbs up! 


Status Hair Salon: Giving Your Hair a Whole Lot of Lovin!

My first ever salon visit in a very loooooooooooong time. You know how I do my hair – DIY. And it doesn’t hurt to give it a treat once in a while. I visited Status Salon’s branch in Galleria, but don’t worry as they have branches in Katipunan, Tomas Morato, Eastwood and Greenhills too!


Status Hair Salon carries a variety of high quality hair care products so you’ll be sure that your hair is in good hands.



One cool thing that I experienced on my visit at Status Salon was the “scalp analyzer” – wherein they will scan your scalp (you can actually see the magnified image of your scalp on the monitor!) and they will tell you the condition of your hair and scalp.  I was pretty relieved to know that my scalp is healthy, as well as the growth of my hair despite the heavy bleaching/coloring that I did to it. 

I was wishing to get some curls into my dull hair but Ms. Rose advised me that I should first restore my hair’s health and that perming it is not the best idea since I have fried tips. I really liked the fact that they will advise you on what’s best for your hair!


Let the hair restoring begin! Ms. Rose decided to give my roots a retouch and then do a Keratin therapy afterwards. I am beyond joy knowing that my (eek!) overly damaged hair can still be saved!


Root retouch! My black roots were turning ugly so I’m excited to have it retouched! It was quite the wait but it was all worth it and a plus that they offered me refreshments while I was waiting for my hair to be done.

Status Hair Salon offers a lot of services for your hair and at a price that is worth the outcome! Plus they give superb service so you’ll surely be coming back!


One last treatment to save my hair from all the damage! I can’t wait! 


Tadaaa! The end result! I love my newly fized bangs and no more dry and fried tips! 

Ms. Rose and Tintin who definitely made my hair awesome-r! Thanks for reviving my hair and making it healthy again! 


With the awesome staff of Status Hair Salon Galleria! Don’t think twice in entrusting your hair to them!


Thank you Status Hair Salon for the awesome treatment and service! 😀 My hair is now healthier and ready again for a new shade! 


When In Manila, don’t just give your hair a little lovin’ — give it A LOT! And Status Hair Salon Manila is there to give your hair all the lovin’ and care it needs! 


Status Hair Salon Manila


Robinson’s Galleria – 6343385/09167028134

Katipunan – 4428004/09152150616

Tomas Morato – 4630069/09276389403

Eastwood – 5705399/09279176082

Greenhills – 5840592/09177364483



Status Hair Salon: Giving Your Hair a Whole Lot of Lovin!