Starr’s Famous Shakes Unveils Its New Milkshakes

Starr’s Famous Milkshakes is opening their Greenhills branch this second week of November! To commemorate this wonderful revelation, Starr’s will unveil their new thick and creamy blended concoctions, which will surely keep you coming back for more!

starrsThe Dinosaur (P125)

Starr’s combined retro malt and chocolate malt to create The Dinosaur (P125), the chocolate milkshake with just the right balance of sweetness. You’ll first taste the thick and creamy vanilla ice cream blended with retro malt followed by the distinct taste of chunks of chocolate malt. Topped with powdered Horlicks, and you’ll find that the blended ingredients create a golden treat.

starrs1Oreo Pancake Milkshake (P115)

If you are looking for an indulgent and a relaxing combination of cookies and pancakes for breakfast, then check out Starr’s Oreo Pancake Milkshake (P115). The unique flavor of Oreo mixed with vanilla ice cream will make you fall in love with just one sip. The subtle but distinct tang of pancake crumbs leaves a slightly sweet aftertaste on your palate. Topped with the crunchy deep friend oreos coated in pancake, this dreamy concoction will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you are a milkshake lover, then Starr’s Famous Milkshakes is definitely the place to be. Make sure to visit, and get your hands on their thick and chunky milkshakes!


Starr’s Famous Shakes Milkshakes Bar
8 Missouri, San Juan. In front of Gloria Maris.
Open on 11:30 am-10 pm