Starbucks launches new vegan item and you’ll LOAF it a lot

Don’t mind if I avocaDO.

Vegetarian and vegan… what’s the difference? Vegetarians don’t eat meat, but they still eat animal by-products like eggs, milk, and cheese. On the other hand, vegans avoid everything that comes from an animal — from honey to dairy products. And yes, it can be a struggle to find good food that meets these standards.

Thankfully, many businesses have adapted to this healthy way of eating. Shops have begun to offer meatless alternatives for savory dishes or even desserts made with non-dairy ingredients. And one of these includes Starbucks Philippines.

In a move to cater to people with different lifestyles and diets, Starbucks has added healthy items to its menu. We’ve seen overnight oats and Greek yogurt parfaits make their appearance. But now, they’ve added a new menu item: the Avocado Loaf.


And get this — it’s vegan!

Moist, delicious, and dairy-free. That’s how Starbucks calls it, and rightfully so. This vegan sponge loaf cake is predominantly made with avocado, which not only gives it a lush green color, but also a creamy mouthfeel. But the best part? No dairy!

Although there’s no mention yet from Starbucks if this will be available in all branches, vegans, avocado-lovers, and Starbucks fans can visit their favorite location and check if it’s there.

In the words of Starbucks, “who says delicious can’t be healthy?”

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