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Martti Franca isn’t exactly a newbie in the Manila indie scene. In fact, he’s been around for a few years now, playing alongside the likes of Bullet Dumas, Ben&Ben, and Clara Benin in places like 12 Monkeys, Exile, Saguijo, Walrus Katipunan, and some local music festivals. Though he’s since gained some popularity in the local musicscape, he’s finally released his first single, Alone, on Spotify last February 16.

Alone is a blues pop song with jazzy undertones, about a girl who played with his heart. Remember that girl who couldn’t decide between dorky you or that seriously handsome dude? When she made you feel like the world when you were together in your room, but felt like a stranger in public?

Yeah, same. But that’s okay.

On March 2, Franca will also be launching his Alone music video at Route 196, Quezon City. The music video features up and coming model, Selina Woo Bhang, and is directed by Raco Ruiz where he translates the experience of temporary companionship through a first-person point of view. Performers that night include Coeli, The Ridleys, and Keiko Necesario. Tickets are available for pre-selling at P250 and at door price for P300, inclusive of one drink.

About Martti Franca | At only 23-years old, Martti has already dabbled in a variety of small-time business ventures and is currently the CEO of a start-up company. Most days, this budding entrepreneur is busy and on-the-go, but he’ll always make time for his first love, music.

He’s a performer by passion and a songwriter by expression, taking inspiration from real-life experiences to craft original songs— ala-Taylor Swift. “Songwriting is my catharsis,” says Franca, “But whenever I get onstage, my goal is to transcend these feelings to my audience and make them feel something.” However, his ability to phrase it in a clever, unique but relatable way, all the while in a catchy tune, is what sets him apart from other artists.

Love is a universal concept, but it’s rare to find someone who can write quality songs, play his own music, pull at your heartstrings, and awaken the lovesick 16-year old adolescent in you. Somehow, when he starts to play, he becomes all of us and suddenly we’re not so alone anymore.

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