St. Bars: Addicting Lemon Bars and Apple Parmesan Cornflake Bars

Some of the most underrated pastries out there are lemon bars, I swear. I’ve always had a soft spot for lemon bars. And while they have admittedly never been my first choice on the desserts menu… whenever I taste one, I end up binge-eating them because they’re just so good. Some of the best lemon bars I’ve tasted are from St. Bars.

Photo from St. Bars

Ever since she was a kid, Janey Jimenez would watch her mom whip up anything in the kitchen from dishes to desserts. Growing up, cooking and baking were their favorite bonding activities; and over the years, Janey was able to learn so much from her on how to be very experimental and how to put a lot of love into whatever she is cooking.

“I would always share the things we would bake over the weekend with my classmates and friends, but I never really sold them,” Janey shares. It was only during quarantine when her friend asked her to sell some lemon bars that she baked her first ever test batch.

Photo from St. Bars

The following week, Janey decided to sell them on social media for fun, happily finding something that would keep her productive for a few weeks. After getting some great feedback, she decided to build a brand out of it. “It has been really fun catering to people I have never met before, but hearing such good stories of our food with them has made everything really enjoyable,” Janey gushes.

Photo from St. Bars

Why bars? Well, with so many small online bakeries emerging during quarantine, Janey really wanted her brand to stand out by offering products that are unique and hard to find. Mission accomplished!

Lemon bars aside, St. Bars also offers Apple Parmesan Cornflake Bars, their take on the classic apple pie, but with a St. Bars twist of their special parmesan cornflake topping. Their Sunny Side Up Cookies, on the other hand, are based on their house recipe for double chocolate chip cookies, but with added toasted cornflakes and a marshmallow to top it all off.

Photo from St. Bars

It’s hard to describe, but St. Bars’ customers have put it perfectly: their products taste like Christmas. They will make you and your tummy oh-so-happy – something that everybody needs during these unsure and rough times. St. Bars is ready to share happiness from home-to-home.

Photo from St. Bars

They just released a new product, too: their Dark Chocolate Maple Pecan Bars! Check out their full roster on their social media accounts and celebrate with your tummy whenever you need a dose of happiness:

St. Bars


Instagram: @saint.bars

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