Spray n’ Go: Waterless car wash you can do on your own



The Spray n’ Go team came to my house to service the car. It was a waterless carwash service that shows all the perks of a home service and a waterless carwash. It was as if, the car suddenly cleaned itself to be honest. No litter around the house or garage, and much quicker than your common carwash. The Spray n’ Go product is just fantastic. It has no abrasives, yet cleans the car as if it was semi-waxed. It took roughly just around 10-15 mins for the entire medium sized car to be cleaned thoroughly. No water, only the Spray n’ Go bottle and cleaning cloth. I could actually do it myself anywhere with the Spray n’ Go products. Anyone can do this during the break time at the office, upon waking up, when you reach home, at the mall. Virtually anywhere thanks to it being waterless and easy to do.