SPArkle: An oasis of calm awaits you.

I spa, do you?  When In Manila, this is one of the easiest ways to de-stress oneself. In today’s very stressful and tumultuous world, one of the many methods that people employ in order to relax is going to spas. Why go to spas? Well, have you ever tried massaging your back?! Gone are the days that water and soap is enough to keep our skin healthy, now there are a lot of innovative ways to pamper and beautify oneself. I have found an oasis of calm called SPArkle.




Here your mind and body can recuperate and have a retreat from the pressures of everyday living. I have experienced on how devoted SPArkle is to the overall well-being of its clients through its variety of professional services. Definitely a one of a kind spa that encourages the renewal of mind, body and spirit. SPArkle boasts a great range of treatments, and the capacity to help you make big changes in the way you live your life. You’ll be very impressed by the perfect blend of their chic and sassy ambience.





First Impressions


Where on earth is it located?  When I found out that the address is Merville, Paranaque I already prepared myself from a stressful drive. But to my surprise, they can easily be spotted along West Service Road, occupying the same building with Robinsons Supermarket. I honestly did not mind at all driving all the way here, as most spas in the metro is already influx with so many people I was thinking since this is the South area, customers are much lesser. I’ve been into spas that served almost 10 people in one go and have noticed that service was sacrificed and customer standards were not fully met.



SPArkle has 5 hair stations on the first floor and two beds + 2 loveseats on the 2nd floor. Once you are inside, stairs lead up to their second level and a gorgeous scent wafts down to greet you already.  The place was well-designed with thoughts as can be seen on the decor. Only one thing came into my mind, this is similar to a boracay beach view, with a milder attack.  Their chairs speak for themselves I believe, the only missing is that beach umbrella.



I like the over-all spa concept, very minimalist and clean.  I can say that the owner has the attention to detail, no products are over-advertised neither too much decors displayed. SPArkle breathes a theme that is distinctly functional. Just a peaceful and elegant space that is warm, relaxing and fragrant. The polite receptionists offered us seats immediately, and Ivy Maines, the President/CEO, came to give me a warm welcome. After we filled up our consultation forms, we were given a quick tour of the spa.




What’s on offer?


SPArkle has a set of treatment (divided) rooms, so don’t expect any wet or thermal facilities here. You can expect to find a good selection of treatments using products (Phytomer  from France /Babor from Germany) . For Hair Rebonding, I was told that the products used are by Victor Ortega (Emphasis Salon) Salon Systems. The treatment beds are on the upper floor and don’t overlook the street, so it’s peaceful.







Age Expertise– their signature facial (highly recommended as it is the best facial in the house), which is rejuvenating treatment for matured skin.  Ivy told me, “Nothing compares to it”.  My patience was put to test since the facial is about 75 mins to 90 mins. Pre-facial steps were done and the facial massage was incredibly soothing. Each gentle stroke she drew gently with her fingertips made it harder and harder for me to stay awake. The treatment composed of 2 facial masks, inclusive of the hard mask.  I was still awake when the therapist removed the initial mask, but after she did the magical massage, I literally dozed off. I was only able to see the hard mask when it was totally dried-up and removed. The masks did not give me any difficulty in breathing at all.  During this treatment, when the mask is drying, muscles and skin of the face are being naturally contracted. Skin metabolism is improved and blood circulation is highly accelerated. A result in an instant and effective skin lifting is felt. I felt that mask got off almost 10 years of my age, making me feel and look younger and fresher!






Skin Escape for Men– a purifying facial using Phytomer. This relaxing facial is to balance and hydrate the skin leaving you feeling de-stressed and renewed. It also promotes drainage and aids in preventing blocked pores. Face undergoes deep cleansing here as antioxidants revitalise the appearance of skin damaged by the sun and pollution.  Ended up with a relaxing scalp massage. 



Smoker’s Facial– treatment for tired and dehydrated skin, (i.e. smokers). Improves skin texture, deep cleansing and it detoxifies, also provides moisturizing benefits and to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. My friend said there is that tingling effect of the tool used as it’s like there’s a lollipop being used to massage your face.




Japanese Bamboo Massage– Bamboo speeds up blood circulation, bringing a sense of warmth and comfort to the body. Seeing the therapist use the bamboo, I can see that it’s really beneficial as there is much more applied pressure. They said it can penetrate deep into the tissues of the body and improve its degree of fluidity. Hmm, if this revitalizes the body, this is perfect for those feeling sluggish. The bamboo sticks relieves sluggishness by releasing the heat that accumulates when toxins build up in the body and there is inadequate circulation to get rid of them, must try! Will definitely try this myself!



Chocolate Cherry Scrub– treatment to moisturize and buff your skin to an incredible softness. This scrub has just enough oil in it to make my friend’s skin feel soft, also said the scrub did not sting at all. It’s decadent chocolate goodness! Capital Y for Yumm Yumm Yumm!



Chocolate Skala Hair Treatment from Brazil– Ivy recommends this Premier Hot Oil Treatment as I asked her frankly. Which treatment should I try if I want a similar rebonded effect without actually undergoing through the actual process? This is it! The whole treatment was a wow. SKALA is a Brazilian hair care line that caters to different hair textures ( heard it’s like Sunsilk ). Skala hair products have a natural, botanical formulation to meet the unique needs of your hair. Their formula aims restore your hair’s natural beauty whether it has been curled, coloured, damaged, etc. Pretty packaging, yummy scent, awesome results.  The  Skala Chocolate contains Cocoa, Omega -3 and Macadamia that helps to recover and maintain hair fiber and its cellular regeneration. The treatment was deeply massaged into my hair, thermal-wrapped and for a few minutes, my hair was edible as hell. If only I can chow on my chocolate-scented hair! Personally recommended by Ivy and she was 100% right. I wanted to purchase a tub home but unfortunately it wasn’t for sale.





Service over-all was commendable, with the proactive staff and internationally-educated therapists around. They have staffs that ask you if you need anything, and offer you stuff, before you even ask yourself. They think and offer of all the things you MIGHT need and present them to you without you having to ask.



SPArkle is well designed and well run. The treatments are well thought out and smoothly delivered. Perfect for anyone who fancies a spa treatment but is put off visiting spas that look too clinical, too crowded, or way too pretentious.  One of the most satisfying spas you would ever come across, service and the flexibility of the treatments which you get is very attractive and worth coming back.  Allow SPArkle to transform you into a whole new sparkling beauty that you deserve When In Manila.



SPArkle also offer home spa services and can even bring their own facial machines for face and body treatments, they also offer SPArties and their Daily Specials. Check their website for further info:

SPArkle Hair Rebonding Treatment Center
Unit C11 Woodsville City Village Mall, Edison Avenue
Corner West Service Road, Bgy. Merville, Paranaque City
Contact Nos.: 703-6673, 381-3990 or 0949-1660298

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