South on South: Comfort Food Done Right in BF Homes, Paranaque

For the longest time, BF Homes has been the hub of all places beer pong. It isn’t until recently that some beer pong places started to close down and some bars started to stop offering the game. Still, the crowds in many places in BF Homes haven’t changed. In fact, Mulligan’s aside, I don’t think there was any other place in BF where you could sit with your friends and actually hear each other talk. That’s why it was so refreshing for me to have found South on South.

South on South is located next to Pizza Hut on President’s Avenue and is primarily a restaurant, but also proves to be one of the best drinking places for the ‘Titas of BF’ in their late twenties who simply cannot deal with loud music anymore and simply want to enjoy some quiet drinks after some good food.

South on South

South on South‘s aura, in general, is one of peace and sophistication. (If it were a fictional character, I’d say it would be James Bond.) The place looks good; it feels good; and it smells good. (It’s one of the few places in BF where you can drink without smelling like secondhand smoke afterwards.)

The place is called South on South for a reason. The family-owned restobar has its roots in Kentucky, USA, so they have successfully brought the Southern feel and taste of the West to the biggest village in Manila’s South, BF Homes – and they have done so with the utmost success!

Here are some of our favorite dishes:

South on South 2

If you’re a fan of spicy food, don’t miss out on their Southern Fried Fish Fingers. Definitely not for the faint of heart, these babies will leave a fiery aftertaste in your mouth – the delicious and amazingly spicy kind. This also works as great pulutan alongside their Barbecued Pork Cracklings.

South on South 3

If you’re a burger fan, you’ll have a lot of burger choices on the menu. The Southern Pride Burger is the one you should get if you’re looking for some extra meat, though, This all-beef burger comes with bacon, pimiento cheese, tomatoes, green tomato mayo, gourmet buns and a side of barbecue fries for only Php365. (Another burger of theirs that you should try is their unique Good Morning Manila burger, which is made with waffles instead of burger buns.)

South on South 4

The High on the Hog Sandwich (Php350) is South on South’s version of the BLT. It has crispy bacon, lettuce and tomatoes in it, as well as… wait for it… PORK BELLY. This sandwich is surprisingly good because instead of being salty, as you would expect, it has a hint of sweetness to it instead.

South on South 7

Another favorite of ours? Their Country Fried Steak. You won’t even need to order any rice to go with this one because it comes with delicious brown butter mashed potatoes and bacon gravy. It also comes with a side of their special side dish. Instead of your usual atsara, South on South serves this unique version, which they call a cucumber salad.

South on South 5

I used to eat chicken and waffles for breakfast as a kid in Virginia, so this dish has a special place in my heart. The Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles (Php250) comes with three different types of sauces, all of which are well worth the taste. What I usually do when I order this is take turns dipping it into the different sauces. I can’t help it – they’re all so good! In fact, the sauces at South on South are some of my favorite things there!

South on South 9

And now we come to the best part: the ribs! The ribs at South on South (Php448) are so juicy, you’ll munch on them and even suck on the bones – not kidding! I ended up eating these with my hands and had absolutely no regrets! I don’t think I’ve tasted ribs this flavourful before. It turns out they use a very old Kentucky recipe you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

South on South 8

If it’s seafood that you want, they’ve got you covered, too!

South on South 1

Of course, they’ve got salad for the health buffs (or feeling health buffs :p), as well!

South on South 6

As for dessert (my favorite part!), South on South has something new to offer that I haven’t tasted anywhere else. They call these Coca Cola Choco Bites (Php199) and they are served on a tray fresh from the oven and piping hot. What you do is you pour the sauce all over it and then you scoop out a piece and pop it in your mouth to enjoy the creamy chocolatey goodness inside. Definitely one-of-a-kind and definitely well worth the money!

Now, for the drinks. Obviously, South on South offers local craft beers, too, but their real specialty lies in their bourbon. From Knob’s Creek to Angel’s Envy to Maker’s Mark, you can get any brand of bourbon served neat or on the rocks. You can also get them in the form of cocktails.

South on South 10

If you don’t really drink that much, you might want to try their Kentucky Mule or their Bourbon Vanilla Milk Shake, which are sweet and don’t taste too much like alcohol. For heavier drinkers, I’d recommend the Mint Julep or the Pinoy Hillbilly (seen below).

South on South 11

The Pinoy Hillbilly is practically like a Jaegerbomb, but instead of Jaegermeister, it uses a shot of bourbon instead. It still offers the same amount of fun, though.

So, whether you are merely looking for a good place to eat or are looking for a quiet place to drink in BF Homes (or both), visit South on South. It’s one of the most under-rated yet most delicious places in the area, in my opinion – and I live in BF, so that should count for something.

South on South

65 Presidents Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque


Instagram: @southonsouthph