Sorry, Thor. Captain Marvel is the Strongest Avenger.

Article by Matthew Mendiola

For Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans, to describe the ending of Infinity War as “shocking” is a gross understatement. It was ABSOLUTELY devastating. Not only did Thanos win, but we also lost key characters no one expected to die along with half of all life in the universe. The Ant-Man and the Wasp mid-credits scene didn’t make things any better, either. 

The only glimmer of hope we have was that moment when Nick Fury sent a distress signal right before joining the ranks of heroes who have fallen victim to the m=Mad Titan’s merciless finger snap.

By now, everyone knows that the image that appeared on Nick Fury’s pager is none other than the insignia of Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel. 

Captain Marvel’s Powers

Before becoming a superhero, Carol Danvers was a hero in her own right. Danvers was a skilled US Air Force officer who best embodied the ideal of women empowerment (think Peggy Carter badass). Danvers then became a CIA agent, hired as the head of NASA security for Cape Canaveral. Here, she met Dr. Lawson, who, as it turns out, was an undercover agent for the advanced alien Kree race. His real name was Mar-Vell – the first Captain Marvel (there were several characters who took on the mantle of Captain Marvel before Danvers).

After a Kree device called the Psyche-Magnitron exploded during an ensuing fight between Mar-Vell and a Kree enemy, Danvers was exposed to the device’s radiation. Mar-Vell shielded Danvers to protect her; but in doing so, their genes merged, causing Danvers to absorb Mar-Vell’s powers.

Just what superhuman abilities did Carol Danvers obtain? Here’s a rundown of Danvers’ newfound powers.

Space Flight

Danvers has the ability to breathe in the vacuum of space, which she uses to be able to travel through the cosmos. And yeah, she flies faster than the speed of sound.

Energy Absorption and Projection

After Kree DNA was fused into her body, Danvers gained heightened abilities, including super strength, stamina, and agility. More incredible, though, is her ability to absorb and manipulate various forms of energy, which she can use to enhance her powers. She can even generate heat, light, and radiation.


Danvers can manipulate energy to heal and recover from near fatal injuries. She could even recover from nuclear explosions in just hours.

Going Binary

In Uncanny X-Men #164, Danvers’ binary powers were temporarily unleashed, which gave her the power of a white hole. For the brief time that she had binary powers, Danvers had full control over any form of radiation and gravity.

Cosmic Awareness

Danvers has a seventh sense that gives her the ability to foresee oncoming danger. More than just a warning signal, Danvers’ cosmic awareness allows her to predict an enemy’s attack before it happens.

Why the Avengers Need Captain Marvel

It’s easy to see why the Avengers need Carol Danvers now more than ever. Like what Tony Stark said, the Avengers are toast. Following their rift in Civil War, and the apocalyptic genocide they failed to prevent in Infinity War, the Avengers need someone to step up as leader, and Carol Danvers is the person they need. In the Infinity Gauntlet comics, the Avengers were rallied together by a messianic figure named Adam Warlock.

However, directors Anthony and Joe Russo confirmed that Warlock won’t be appearing until after Avengers 4. While there are other characters who could take on Warlock’s role, it’s likely going to be Danvers who will unite what’s left of the Avengers in one last epic battle against Thanos.

Where Danvers was between the 90s and the events of Infinity War will be explained in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. Theories suggest that Carol Danvers may be in the Quantum Realm, and perhaps, by choice. Whatever reason she’s there, this is highly plausible, considering that Janet Van Dyne was able to survive in the Quantum Realm for so long. Danvers’ connection to the Quantum Realm is crucial, since Avengers 4 will be dealing with time-travel.

It’s about time for a female-led solo film in the MCU. While we have yet to see how Brie Larson’s character will be adapted on the big screen, we can be certain, as Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed, that she will be the most powerful Avenger in the franchise. Sorry, Thor. I guess you’ll have to stick to Point Break as your quinjet password.

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