“Sorry, strict ‘yung parents ko”: 10 Things Only Children with Strict Parents Can Relate To

Words by Gianna Sibal

“Sorry, strict ‘yung parents ko.”

There is not one person reading this that hasn’t either said or heard that phrase—either from yourself or from a friend, it doesn’t really matter. And I don’t even want to say strict, but that’s the most general term to encompass all the rules, regulations and terms we have to live with as their children.

But… protective, maybe, and I understand that as well—I am the youngest of only two girls in our family, and my parents understand how cruel the world can be to people, especially to women. Young women.

However. Sometimes. It just gets… too much.

I never knew how unusual being raised as a sheltered kid was until I met friends who were allowed to hang out with their barkadas night after night, who didn’t have to text or call mom and dad, and who were always “G naman!” to unplanned and spontaneous galas to the beach. 

I’d ask, “‘Di ka ba papagalitan?”

They’d shrug and answer, “Hindi. Bakit?”

That…baffled me. A lot. Plus, I also never realized how strict my parents were until my classmates were teasing me for not knowing how to commute.

So, to all the children who say, “Sorry, strict ‘yung parents ko.”, here are ten things you can relate to, and ten things we share in common:

10. If we have fun today, we can’t have fun tomorrow. Choose. It’s either a Friday night or a Saturday afternoon. Weigh the pros and cons of each and decide—you can’t go to both!

9. We rehearse our lines before asking permission from our parents to go out with our friends, and it has to be five business days before the gala. Plus, we have to make sure to catch them in a good mood.

8. PowerPoint Presentations are our friends. If we want something, or if we’re asking for permission, we make a detailed presentation and pitch for it with a What, When, Where, How, and Who—and all the important details such as expenses and transportation! You gotta win them over—and this is bonus points if your parents are in the business world. 😉

7. We need to sign a contract with our blood that says we have to text them every hour when we’re out. They have to have the contact numbers of each friend you’re with, the names and contact numbers of their parents, and even scanned copies of our friends’ birth certificates (Kidding. Not.). If you forget to text and they call you, say goodbye to your friends and to your freedom because you’re not seeing them for a while.

6. We can’t go to spontaneous galas or plans. Like I said, five business days. Maybe more.

5. There’s pure and utter terror and panic running through our bodies when our idiot friends change the plan ten, fifteen times—and we have to keep re-explaining to our parents and wish they won’t bite our heads off, or worse, decide that we shouldn’t go anymore!

4. When we’re walking alone, we always make sure to have three or four guy friends with us. Never walk alone, and never just with girls.

3. Strict Protective parents probably push us hard when it comes to our academics as well. And it’s not to pressure us, I know, but they do have seemingly high expectations.

2. No commuting. No ifs and buts.

1. No girlfriends/boyfriends until marriage. Until we’re thirty years old. No ifs and buts, either.

Okay, maybe the last is a tad bit dramatic, but let’s be real: to the bunsos, what age would your dad let you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Assuming that someone likes you and you like them back, and that someone isn’t afraid of your parents. Let us know!

Regardless, we love our parents, and we know that they love us, too. At the end of the day, all they want is for us to be safe.

But…to all the strict parents out there, please tone it down a notch. Sincerely, all of your children.

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Are you a kid with strict parents, too? Did I miss something on the list? Share it with us!


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