Sony Playstation 4 AKA Orbis Vitae Concept Designs



When In Manila, it’s fun to play some PS4! Those waiting for the ultimate gaming console might as well be dying of nerdgasm right now as rumors spread across the entire internet world about the much awaited gaming console. I myself am just as excited, I can just imagine the new features and specs of the Sony Playstation 4. So I scoured the web looking for some  awesome concepts of the new Sony Playstation 4 and here’s what I found. I’m pretty sure these will  get your imagination started on how the Playstation 4, a.k.a. Project Orbis Vitae might look like.




As cool as this glass-like version of the Playstation 4 may look, it also seems highly unlikely to be true. While it would be awesome to have this kind unique interface, I’m guessing only the rich will be able to grab hold of this… unless you’re willing to sell a limb that is.



No, this is not an upgraded version of the Nintendo Family Computer, it’s the Playstation 4! …or at least a concept of it. Doesn’t that just look cool and classic? But if  the PS4 DOES end up looking like this, then  I’m sure we can expect a lawsuit from the other company immediately after its release.


This design takes Playstation 4’s codename Orbis literally and went on to create a PS4 that looks like a sphere. Now where do I insert the disc into? Oh wait, I think it uses a micro disc now.  I love how small it seems though! Imagine bringing the PS4 in your jean pocket and heading over to a friend’s house for a quick game of Metal Gear or whatever.



Here’s a more realistic design of the Playstation 4 that has taken concepts from its older versions, the PS2 and PS3. I personally think this is a good concept that could actually work out for the next Playstation.



Now I am not sure if this is a prototype but one thing for sure is that Sony put this little baby on display. Playstation 4 or not, this unit is an actual design concept from Sony themselves.



This is by far my favorite concept design of the Playstation 4. It looks like a high tech gaming console that only Bruise Wayne or Tony Starks could own! Although I must admit, that controller does remind me of a bagel.


While most of these pictures are probably fake, at the very least I got your brain imagining the design of the real Playstation 4. What do you think the next Sony Playstation will look like?


When In Manila, start saving up ‘coz the Playstation 4 might just be out soon! 



Sony Playstation 4 AKA Orbis Vitae Concepts

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