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When In Manila, you gotta love this quote on food : “One cannot think, love, sleep well if one has not dined well” – Virginia Wolf

I have been on the lookout for great places to dine in the past months, and fate has led me to try out great lounge food in the metro at Seventh High.

I think  it’s very rare that you get to have a great combination of a good place where you could bask in great ambiance with music & awesome food at the same time.

There’s so much to show I actually don’t know where to start.  Why not with my favorite – shrimp.

A good way to find out if shrimp being served is of good quality  is if its still firm to the bite.  That’s exactly what the ASIAN  GAMBAS is.  It’s fresh Prawns with Korean chili bean paste and dried chili with rice wine bed on cucumber.




I loved how chili had just the right amount of zing to it.  With a drink in my hand I had to order another one of these.  And I liked it so much that I had to take a macro shot of it.


Now tell me if you wanna bite into it right now!




Here’s something that makes me think comfort-food.  Maybe because of the chicken.  The ROSEMARY CHICKEN is roasted chicken cooked with rosemary and herbs served with steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes. 

I’m sure there’s a secret ingredient here because its not just the rosemary herbs that give this dish that different kick to it.


Who loves oysters?! I do! I do!  The ROCKEFELLER OYSTERS is baked oysters topped with cheese and spinach.  Definitely top of my list because its presentation lives true to its objective – APPETIZING!  


And who could go wrong with BEEF SALPICAO?  Stir-fried beef tenderloin cubes in garlic and olive oil.  It’s soft, tasty & conjures up good beer & vodka times with friends.


Yum button press now!


Burger guys there’s also something authentic for you.  7TH SLIDERS are three small burgers served with potato wedges.  Still quenches that craving for beef.  It has mayo, ketchup & mustard on the side.  If you’re not sharing this with anyone, you could actually have a great time chomping down the whole three.


There’s also one for the more health conscious.  The CAESAR SALAD is Iceberg lettuce with grilled pesto chicken in traditional Caesar salad dressing.  It’s a usual dish with an delectable refreshing taste to it.  I’d start off any course with this.


And did I say we were just starting?  GRILLED PINK SALMON is pink salmon with long pasta with pesto sauce and steamed vegetables.  Luscious isn’t it?  I like Salmon & its something I always order when I go into a resto.  It’s a great combination with the pesto.  Good mix of flavors in your mouth.


Here’s another Salmon dish that’s really unique SALMON AND TUNA CARPACCIO SALAD.  Fresh tuna and salmon with Thai yam dressing, mango, and hijiki.

Hijiki what?  It’s brown sea vegetable.  Mango always goes great with tuna or salmon, the tipping point is in the Thai Yam dressing.  Viscous!


You would’ve thought Im full by now but no, my friends & I still had a long way to go.  When you’re eating & just talking & having fun – you kinda forget about the diet sometimes.

The SPANAKOPITA is deep fried savory pastry filled with spinach and cheese. It’s light but yummy.  And the salsa, was the perfect complement to it.


I’m not a fan of fish & chips but this one changed my preferences to it.  The FISH & CHIPS WITH MALT VINEGAR AND UMEBOSHI MAYO is favorite fish & chips served with malt vinegar and Japanese plum mayo.

Soft & crispy to the bite at the same time.  I had so much fun dipping it in Malt Vinegar & Umeboshi Mayo alternately.  Frenzy to the palates.



 Now on over to the more filling SEAFOOD POMODORO.  Who doesn’t love pasta and seafood?  This pasta with fish, squid, and shrimp in creamy tomato sauce is fresh as the day’s catch. Tongue – smacking.


When In Manila or anywhere in the Philippines, what’s any  meal without rice.  People who personally know me have witnessed me consuming 2 cups of rice a meal, 3 if the dish is bulalo.  Nearing that thin line of gluttony I find any meal incomplete without rice and these dishes just hit home for me. “Takaw”. Haha.

AROMATIC BEEF AND MUSHROOM CLAY POT RICE is beef with gratinated mayo rice.  It’s very enticing especially if you’re craving for some beef.


SMOKED BEEF TAPA WITH TRUFFLES – smoked tender beef served with garlic rice and eggs.  Is classic & very Pinoy.  If you’re a balik-bayan, this would be perfect to make your stay here complete.


Now here’s something even fresher.  Tomato puree with fresh cream  – CREAMY TOMATO. Not only was it tempting to look at, it was luscious.


Want something toothsome to end this gastronomic journey at 7th High?  The CRÈME BRÛLÉE WITH VANILLA SUGAR is rich custard with burnt vanilla sugar on top.  Scrummy Yummy.  Just the right amount of sweetness to it.


What’s 7th High without the drinks.  STRAWBERRY MARGARITA. SKYY GUNNER. TEQUILA SUNRISE.  I love it. 



Seventh High is always full of surprises & is constantly changing for the better.  If you visit their LOUNGE now, it has a totally new look to it – perfect for this new menu of theirs.

When In Manila, if you’re out for some GREAT food & drinks, try it out at the LOUNGE at 7th High.  And as Mark Twain said “Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside”. Eat on. 

For reservations call :

Seventh High
7th avenue, Bonifacio High Street, Global City
02-8561786 / 09175852164
The Office @ 7th / reservations @ 7th



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