Solace View Resort: A Luxurious IG-Worthy Private Resort Hidden in Antipolo

Heading up to Rizal for a quick recharging escape from the busy city life? It’s no surprise that the Eastern province is becoming the newest go-to destination for city dwellers looking for a break. There are no toll fees, it’s a tad more accessible, and there are lots of places to enjoy the serenity that the province offers.

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Solace View Resort is a hidden private resort in Rizal that offers a picture-perfect space for your weekend getaways, family reunions, or barkada get-togethers. Situated inside a subdivision in Antipolo City, Solace View Resort is accessible and close to the city center. Yet, it also provides a quiet and peaceful space, giving you the best of both worlds.

This private resort just opened early this year, and it has already been a neighborhood favorite for intimate celebrations thanks to its stylish interiors. It’s easy to instantly fall in love with this vacation home because of how beautifully designed it is!

A tropical oasis in the front yard

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Upon stepping inside their gate, you’re instantly welcomed by the gorgeous pool in the front yard, as well as stylish benches, lounge seats, and bean bags that are perfect for lounging around by the pool.

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It’s like entering a beach paradise hidden in the outskirts of the city! The tropical vibe of this vacation home instantly sets the mood for a relaxing escape. We just loved the tasteful look of the pool, especially with its see-through glass perimeter and stylish landscaping.

While it may not be a big enough pool for laps, it still provides an enjoyable space for leisurely dips in the pool.

A home of tropical elegance

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The main house of Solace View Resort is a 3-story structure that offers lots of space for all kinds of get-togethers. The first floor features a massive living room that highlights the home’s high ceiling. It’s also accentuated by gigantic hanging rattan lamps, making the ceiling a piece of art in itself.

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The living room also includes a Netflix-ready TV, a PS4, and karaoke. But in case you actually just want to relax and chill with your friends and family, the massive couch is perfect for that, too.

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You’ll also find the stylish all-white kitchen and boho-themed dining area on the first floor of the house. The space includes rattan-made bar stools and a stylish wooden dining set that complete the tropical vibe of the home. They already have a fridge, microwave, and a toaster that you can use for quick meals. In case you need to cook, they also provide a gas stove right outside.

The massive plants inside the house also create the perfect background for your group shots or IG-worthy selfies. The huge glass walls also allow in lots of natural light.

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In case you’re planning to celebrate a special occasion, you’re also free to style the home according to your motif—just make sure to put everything back and leave the home in its original pristine condition.

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Two bedrooms are located on the second floor of the house. Both rooms can accommodate up to 14 people comfortably, but the whole house has a maximum sleeping capacity of 20 people. One bedroom also features a beautiful balcony that looks over the front yard.

The beds are so comfortable that it’s easy to relax and enjoy a great night’s sleep!

A serene rooftop with a view

Just when you thought an IG-worthy home and a gorgeous pool were all that you could enjoy here, Solace View Resort goes above and beyond!

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They recently just added a stylish rooftop space with a bar and a covered gazebo, complete with comfy couches, bean bags, a hammock, and a coffee table. It’s even beautifully decorated with soft curtains and sparkly string lights that add to the romantic vibe of the rooftop. It has even become a venue for extra intimate weddings!

The rooftop also offers a beautiful view of the mountains, perfect for slow mornings and for late-night meaningful conversations.

A picture-perfect staycation experience

The tasteful design and “wow!” factor of Solace View Resort definitely adds to the overall experience of your staycation. The amenities and comfort they offer, combined with its accessible yet peaceful location, make Solace View Resort a great option for barkada outings, intimate celebrations, or just a simple escape from the city.

Rates start at PHP 8,500.

Solace View Resort

Town and Country Heights, Padilla, Antipolo City, Rizal


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