Sofrito: Makati’s Spot for Puerto Rican Home Cooking

sofrito-meatLechon Asado

My brother ordered the Lechon Asado, Boricua Style which was a seasonal item on the menu. It was a bit expensive priced at P400, but we can let it pass because it really is delicious. It’s pork marinated in their own version of mojo sauce. Having a bit of the rice, the pork, and the banana in one go is the perfect way to sample the first taste of this dish. The strong flavors of the rice was balanced out by the soft flavors of the pork and the sweetness of the banana. Very filling and served large — it can be shared between two people.

sofrito-treslechesTres Leches

Of course we had to try the Tres Leches. It was priced at P200. Although it wasn’t as good as the one we had in the US, it was still great. The not-too-sweet-and-rich different layers of milk were a perfect way to subdue the rich flavors we just had.


The experience of trying out a new cuisine was fun. We discussed the dishes we tried and thought that it was interesting that the dishes had both Asian and Spanish flavors. As for the restaurant, its interior and exterior are very cozy – which is appropriate since it describes itself as home cooking Puerto Rican cuisine.

Getting to know Puerto Rican cuisine was a worthwhile decision. We look forward to trying more of their dishes. We heard their Mofongos are a favorite. We have never had one so we’re excited to know what the fuss is all about.


Sofrito Puerto Rican Home Cooking

Ground Floor, LPL Mansions
San Agustin Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City