So… Taylor Swift fans are canceling Burger King today with #BurgerKingIsOverParty

So… Another canceling party has occurred on Twiter (making this like the… 69th cancellation so far under the quarantine) but this time it’s a whole establishment. Yes. Burger King, the fast-food restaurant that sells burgers, is being canceled by Taylor Swift fans. (On International Burger Day, no less!)

A netizen shot a pretty simple question Burger King’s way and whoever is managing their Twitter decided to be a little snarky. It caught the attention of a good number of Swifties and they began spamming the hashtag as a joke. It soon spiraled out of control, however, and trended for a good number of hours, with people who don’t partake in stan Twitter taking notice.

Anyway, as Twitter usually is, everyone just remained snarky and didn’t back down. Stans continued to claim “it was just a joke LOL locals taking it so seriously” while non-stans were either exasperatedly rolling their eyes or looking to order Burger King immediately.

Anyway. The internet is a mess. Can we all just put our collective energy in helping out those who need it? You can help from home here.

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