Snooze OFF, Shine ON: How The Early Riser Routine Will Change Your Life

Ever noticed how waking up early after a full night of rest gives you a positive and productive feeling throughout the day? Even the sensation of the morning sun on your skin has a beneficial effect on your overall psyche. That is why following the success of its West wing which is at 90% sold to date, Megaworld Corporation decided to unveil the San Antonio Residence ‘Morning Sun’ units. These are the residential units located at the east wing of the project, enjoying the benefits of having a morning sunrise view everyday, and more.

For one, the East is usually the preferred side in a residential condominium of property prospectors. Units located at the east are the ones considered lucky in Feng Shui thinking wherein the sun leaves an energetic imprint on each part of the home as it moves from East to West.

Delamar Arias

Ensuing that perspective, Delamar Arias, the voice of the morning radio show for over 20 years, shares her own positive experience of being the early riser. “What I didn’t know was, if you wake up at 5, and you do the show for 4 hours, 6 to 10, you virtually have the rest of the day to do whatever you want.”

She narrates her usual day and all the possibilities that open up for the early riser who is full of energy – hitting the gym, going wakeboarding, but most of all, spending time with her children. “You could be free from distractions, you could be focused, and since nothing had happened yet, I was having a good day that was well within my ability.”

Starting your day right by rising early also helps with creativity and will power, where both are at its peak as soon as you wake up. Mrs. Arias also brings up that rising earlier allows one to avoid the morning rush where people lose about three hours of their lives every day because of traffic.

The San Antonio Residence provides a simple solution to that through its convenient location right at the heart of the city. Mrs. Arias adds, “So when they told me about the project, it’s in the middle of the city, and they have this amenity called BOND which stands for Begin-Open-Nurture-Discover, so it’s a place that you can bring your child so that they learn how to ride the bike, they can jog if they want to, they can do board games, I mean – how convenient is that? A project like this affords young families a chance to not sacrifice not bonding with their children just because it goes through traffic.”


Gretchen Ho

Volleyball player turned host Gretchen Ho is the embodiment of a woman in action. Also an early riser, she talks about how the attitude has helped her accomplish more things in life. “There’s so much to do. There’s so much room for everything. The good thing about it is you get a head start ahead of everyone. I also feel positive every day. Because I feel healthy, I feel good about myself, I feel strong.”

5And for Gretchen, success only happens if you visualize your long-term goals and invest in things that contribute to that vision. Nowadays, she’s thinking about investing in real estate, especially that she has the propensity to do so. For her, as the time passes by, as long as you are dedicated to your work, your salary increases; and with a set foundation, you can finally invest in your future.

Ms. Ho adds, “For Millennials, we want to achieve so much in our lives, diba. We want to do so much in a day. And that’s why it’s also beneficial for you to invest here at the San Antonio Residence. Kita mo, the property is very very near everything. It’s in the business district, it’s near offices, it’s near churches, schools, it has an art hub downstairs, it has a community mall at the ground floor. Everything that you need to do, you have at arm’s reach.”

And finally leaves the audience with parting words of wisdom from such a youthful point of view, “I just wanna ask you, what is your vision for yourself? 10 years from now, 20 years from now, ano yung mga pangarap niyo para sa sarili ninyo? Everything – all dreams can come true, if you start with waking up.”

Morning Sun Units of The San Antonio Residence

The San Antonio Residence’s East Wing is perfect for those who want to start their day right by beating the morning rush. Its ‘Morning Sun’ units are perfect for those who know the advantages of waking up early and getting a head start on life day by day. Aside from providing high-end gym equipment, pools, fixtures, and more, the San Antonio Residence invested in places and amenities where residents can create moments and memories together.

The hours you could be spending in traffic could be spent instead nurturing your relationship with your family. People need to realize the value of time, and with the San Antonio Residence, you reap the benefits of living near your workplace whether you’re a millennial or starting a family.

Here, you can finally wake up feeling refreshed, with a good night’s sleep, sneaking in an energizing morning run or workout, knowing you won’t have to battle the traffic. Here, you’re free to achieve milestones and create memories at your own pace, in the right place.

Do you like to start your days early?