Smoper Chicken: Korea’s Best Chicken, Now in Manila!

Filipinos are no strangers to Korean food, much less its version of fried chicken which have stolen the hearts of many. Many Korean establishments are faring well in the local scene such as  Bulgogi Brothers and BonChon Chicken. Despite being an avid fan of Korean delicacies, it seems like the cuisine still has a few surprises up its sleeve. Trust me, you haven’t tried real Korean chicken goodness without setting foot inside Smoper Chicken‘s first branch in the Philippines. 




Dubbed as “Korea’s Jollibee”, Smoper reportedly has 800 (!) branches in South Korea alone. After tasting their chicken, I now know why so many locals swear by this place. Smoper Chicken’s first branch in the Philippines is located in One McKinley Place in Bonifacio Global City. Its flagship store is brightly lit, ambient enough for casual, quick dining. The restaurant can only seat so much, however, and fills up very quickly during peak hours. 




Unlike other Korean fried chicken places wherein the flavorful chicken breading often overwhelms the actual meat (my pet peeve!), each bite into Smoper’s fried chicken is soft, delicious heaven. The chicken meat is generous, succulent, and freshly cooked each and every single time. Like other Korean establishments, Smoper’s chicken comes in a variety of flavors: original, spicy, soy garlic, and their unique offering, curry. What makes it different from other restaurants is that you can opt to have the sauce separated instead of glazed, leaving you with traditional, juicy fried chicken. 





It’s so good, I’m not even kidding. I swear by my new favorite chicken place in Manila! Being a lover of all things spicy, their version of glazed spicy chicken was the best I’ve ever had to date. What’s great about the place is that it’s so affordable too. Since the servings are generous, you can have a full meal (drinks included) for under Php 100. They also have eat-all-you-can offerings which are a must-try for chicken lovers. 



Aside from chicken, they serve other dishes such as curry, fish and chips, beef teriyaki, and the signature Korean dish, bibimbap. Since their opening, I have visited at least three times during the past month. I just can’t get enough. When In Manila, I highly recommend swinging by for the best chicken of your life! See you there! 




Smoper Chicken

One McKinley Place, 26th Street corner 4th Avenue

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Contact No: 846-3424



Smoper Chicken: Korea’s Best Chicken, Now in Manila!