Smooth as Justin Timberlake’s Suit and Tie: 3-Piece Custom Made Suits at Tiño Suits and Barongs Makati

A Well Tailored Suit is to Women what Lingerie is to Men Suits and Tie

Apparently, there’s nothing sexier to a woman than a man sharply dressed in a great suit!

The problem is finding that GREAT suit at a more affordable price, so that we call can bring sexy back without the Justin Timberlake bank account.

Thankfully, Tiño Suits and Barongs is just around the corner at the busy business district of Makati!

I had my first suit made here a few months ago –

Now I wanted to get a flashier suit for my hosting gigs and TV appearances.

This time, I had a 3-piece-suit made. Which is pretty much the pants, suit jacket and a vest.

I came in for my first fitting to make sure that the suit was PERFECT for my body. Right when I put my suit on, I started feeling as smooth as JT! In fact, his song already started playing in my head…

“As long as I’ve got my suit and tie…” 


It was love at first sight!  I could immediately see the fine details of my new baby as she waited for me. 


But first I had to try on the vest and pants. 


Here’s Tiño Master Cutter showing me my vest and talking about how a bowtie would be perfect for it. In case you missed it in our last article, he studied in Italy at a school that made suits for 007 James Bond, and has perfected his craft with over 30 years of experience.

So I was pretty confident that he knew what he was talking about. 




The vest apparently was cut perfectly and needed little, if any, alterations. So then we moved on to the suit jacket. 


 With suits, and life, it’s all about the details!

What looked great to me, and those with an untrained eye, my Master Cutter saw about a dozen things to fix! 


“You’re left shoulder is slouching a bit, let me add more padding to the left side”.”



“One arm may be a bit longer than the other, let me adjust this sleeve”



“Your neck is much bigger than others, will note that”



justin timberlake suit and tie 

“As long as I’ve got my suit and tie…” was still playing in my head! I was excited to see how this custom made suit would turn out. 

After getting everything to complete perfection, I came back to Tiño Suits and Barongs a week later to pick up my new Justin Timberlake “Suit and Tie”

So a week later…