Small Moments are Worth Celebrating. Here are 12 of Them

We usually associate celebrations with big things. Birthdays, a win, an anniversary. We want to change something. We want to make small moments worth celebrating, too. If we treat tiny wins with the same respect as the big ones, we boost our mood and add a little magic to our everyday lives.

What kind of moments are worth celebrating? Here are 10 examples:

When you wake up five minutes before your alarm

Many of us sleep late and find ourselves scrambling in the morning just to make it in time for work. Waking up five minutes before the alarm is considered a minor but important victory.

When the shower water is just the right temperature in the morning

The morning cold makes it tough to take a bath or a shower. But if the water is just right temperature? *chef’s kiss*

When you arrive in the office at exactly 9AM

Being a buzzer beater isn’t so bad. At least you won’t get salary deductions!

When the boss okays or approves a project right away, with matching “good job”

Some bosses can be tough, but it feels so good when he or she tells you “good job.” Now that’s worth celebrating!

When you match with that cutie on Tinder or Bumble

Ganda ka? Yes. Claim it.

When you walk into the newly-opened restaurant and there’s a table for you

You treat yourself to that restaurant that went viral online and you get a table right away. Now, that’s a double win!

When you can leave the office at exactly 6PM

Leaving on time doesn’t mean you’re lazy and less committed than those who stay overtime. It means you were efficient at work and finished everything before the end of the day.

When you’ve been in line for the bus/FX/van home and you get the last available seat

It might be too much to imagine that you won’t have to fall in line for the commute home, but what if you get the last available seat on the bus/FX/van?

Speaking of seats: when you book a piso fare flight on your first try

Even better: when everyone agreed on the dates for the trip.

When you play a video and it doesn’t buffer the entire time

Time to stream a movie!

When you find something in your size at a sale in your favorite store


When you get home before 9PM

We know how bad traffic is. It’s getting worse, but there are times when we get home before 9PM.

When you get home and it’s your favorite ulam for dinner

It’s the perfect way to end the day!

According to the legendary chef Julia Child, “a party without cake is just a meeting.” Don’t celebrate small wins with a meeting. Celebrate it with cake! We recommend, Goldilocks, which is always top of mind with their beautiful and delicious greeting cakes. There’s a flavor for everyone, whether they like caramel, mango, chocolate, ube, or coffee. As the name suggests, the greeting cakes can be personalized with a thoughtful message, which can range from “Happy birthday” to “Congratulations for getting home before 9PM!”

Because we love technology so much, you can also try the Celebrations filter for your selfies on Facebook!






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