A Sky High Sequel is in the Works!

“Sky High” is quite an underrated movie. As ‘lame’ as some people I know thought it was, I have to admit that it was one of my guilty pleasures back in the day (along with “High School Musical“). When it was realised in 2005, there weren’t that many superhero movies out yet, so I took what I could get and as it happens, I found “Sky High” quite entertaining.

As such, I am quite intrigued by the rumours that a sequel is in the making. If done right, I think this could become quite a hit what with today’s improved technology and all.


The sequel to the movie was revealed during an interview with Mike Mitchells, the director of “Sky High”, as he was promoting “Trolls”. There is no news as to whether the original cast will be returning for the movie, but in any case, we’d love to see it!

In case you haven’t seen “Sky High” yet, now is the time to do so – quick, before the sequel actually comes out a few years from now!

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