Skip Moisturizer in the Morning Worry-Free With SOLA’s Daily Screen SPF50+

A common skincare misconception is you can skip moisturizer if you live in a tropical climate. But, it’s still an essential step! 

Believe it or not, a hydration boost is actually important even when you’re sweating. It helps balance sebum production and restore any moisture your skin might have lost while perspiring

If you hate wearing moisturizer before sunscreen because it feels heavy, you won’t have that problem soon. 

SOLA Daily Screen SPF 50+/PA++++

SOLA Daily Screen SPF 50+/PA++++ is a 2-in-1 moisturizing sunscreen, perfect for everyday sun protection without needing to layer any extra products! It contains Broad Spectrum UV Protection that shields your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Best of all, since it’s a chemical sunscreen, it offers all that protection with no white cast!

Skincare doesn’t stop at SPF

SOLA Daily Screen SPF 50+/PA++++ is powered by Glow-Boost Technology, a trifecta of powerhouse skincare ingredients that not only protect, but also nourish your skin: 

You’ve probably seen Korean Black Ginseng on the labels of your favorite K-Beauty products. It’s a staple in Korean skincare, and for good reason! It restores skin’s radiance by boosting hydration, evening out your skin tone, and smoothing fine lines. 

SOLA Daily Screen SPF 50+/PA++++

Niacinamide—a tropical climate-friendly ingredient—fades dark spots, visibly minimizes pores, and balances your skin’s sebum production for a bright, even complexion. Given that it’s a moisturizing sunscreen, it wouldn’t be complete without Hyaluronic Acid to help retain your skin’s moisture for a smoother, plumper look. 

If you’re worried about it being too heavy for the Philippine weather, don’t be. SOLA made sure Daily Screen SPF 50+/PA++++ has a lightweight texture with a demi-matte finish. In fact, one application will instantly sink into your skin and won’t cause any irritation or sensitivities.

A CK-certified daily essential for low-maintenance sun-care

Even CK de Leon swears by SOLA Daily Screen SPF 50+/PA++++! 

SOLA Daily Screen SPF 50+/PA++++

Even in the humid Philippine weather, it doesn’t make her face greasy throughout the day, and its seamless blend is the perfect skin prep underneath her makeup. 

Since it doubles as a moisturizer and SPF, you can streamline your skincare routine without compromising your skin’s protection or hydration.

To incorporate no-fuss sun protection and moisture into your skincare routine, SOLA Daily Screen SPF 50+/PA++++ is available in two sizes: a 7mL travel mini for P145, and a 30 mL bottle for P595. Flaunt your natural, oh-so-glowy look with SOLA!