Skintrends: Affordable Beauty Services

When in Manila and looking for affordable beauty services, try Skintrends. A Filipino-owned, award-winning company; its beauty services won’t hurt your budget, and plenty of its branches are easily accessible to the average Filipino.

One beauty service that will always appeal to most, if not all, Filipinos, is hair removal. So when I noticed that Skintrends was offering hair removal services for the body-conscious consumers, I immediately took the chance to try it.

Prior to the session, I first made my own research on the pros and cons of trying this kind of hair removal procedure. I have found that proper Laser and IPL treatments can both effectively result in permanent hair reduction, and electrolysis may be the only procedure in existence that guarantees permanent hair removal.

Skintrends Eastwood Storefront

In front of Skintrends Eastwood

IPL vs Laser

Which hair removal method is better, IPL or Laser? I have found that results vary, and they depend on the person’s hair and skin color. Both IPL and Laser systems can help someone achieve a hair-free body, but the primary difference lies in the type of light used. IPL uses wavelengths of scattered, visible light, whereas Laser generates coherent and monochromatic light. In the end, I feel that the results (whether good or bad) will largely depend on the aesthetician.

The Test

Since Skintrends’ aestheticians are well trained by the in-house dermatologist, I felt that I was in good hands, and I was comfortable with trying out the hair removal method. Eager to try it, I visited the Eastwood branch and immediately requested for an IPL treatment for my underarms. It was a quick procedure, and after all the preparations, ultimately a single session will only last 10 minutes.

Skintrends Eastwood Room

One of the treatment rooms

The treatment area was first assessed by the available aesthetician, wiped with a mild solution to remove impurities, and then applied with a generous layer of ultrasound gel.  Cotton pads were placed on top of my eyes and then covered with special protective glasses. After turning on the IPL machine, the aesthetician then held the head of the hand piece against my skin.

I counted about five to six pulses per underarm area, and the worse pulse felt like a very quick rubber band snap. After the session cooling gel was applied to both my underarms. I was reminded by the aesthetician to keep my underarms dry overnight before leaving me alone in the room. A complete post-care regimen involving the application of a post laser gel three times a day and Skintrends’ Norash powder to the treated area is needed to avoid a bad skin reaction.

The Result

After about ten days, results were already noticeable, with several hair already falling off. The results may be less immediate compared to waxing and sugaring, but the waiting time and the resulting skin appearance are worth the trouble. It also appears that the only way to avoid chicken skin on the underarm is to have hair permanently removed!

Permanent hair removal can eventually result in the disappearance of chicken skin, so mothers out there might be interested in allowing their teenage daughters to try IPL. Permanently removing underarm hair early on may be their only hope of achieving flawless underarms.

When in Manila, it’s always nice to try establishments that offer affordable beauty services like facials, pimple treatments, ultra lipo, and even IPL. For all your beauty and pampering needs, try Skintrends.

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Suite 202, Pacific Century Tower,
Quezon Avenue, QC.
Tel No.: 755-3562
Cel No.: 0932-8467875


Eastwood Cyber and Fashion Mall
3F, Eastwood Cyber and Fashion Mall
Eastwood City Cyberpark Libis, Q.C.
Tel No: 584-3349
Mobile No.: 0922-8847271


SM City Fairview Branch
Annex, SM City Fairview
Quezon City
Tel No: 921-5868
Mobile No.: 0923 -3619832


Festival Supermall
3rd level, Festival Supermall
Alabang Muntinlupa
Tel No.: 807-1121
Mobile No.: 0922 – 8811934


Alimall Branch
Upper Ground Flr., Alimall Ph II
Araneta Center, Q.C.
Tel No.: 709-2817
Mobile No.: 0922 – 8984361


168 Mall Branch
Binondo Manila
Tel No.: 254 – 5256
Mobile No.: 0922-8542356


Sta. Rosa Commercial Complex
Unit 31, Sta. Rosa Commercial Complex
Tel No.: 534-5474
Mobile No.: 0922-894362


Wellcare Clinics and Lab
2F, Waltermart Super Center
Sta. Rosa City, Laguna
Tel No.: 534-4604


Sta. Rosa Paseo Branch
2F, PCC Bldg. Sta. Rosa (Across Paseo de Sta. Rosa)
Tagaytay Road, Sta. Rosa City
Tel No.: 502-5416
Mobile No.: 0922-8984364


Skintrends: Affordable Beauty Services 


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