Skintone: Quality Beauty Treatments and Professional Skin Care Just North of the Metro

When in Manila and looking for a beauty clinic that can provide affordable and yet quality beauty treatments, I found a little nook in the Quezon City Area in a place called teacher’s village that like myself, you may find absolutely delightful. This beauty clinic was introduced to me by a friend of mine and I was really delighted by this beauty find because it’s not everyday that you come across a place that just by stepping inside their doors, immediately calms your spirit and mind.




Don’t be fooled by the exterior of the building for on the second floor, the beauty clinic of SKINTONE will take you to a different place. The size of the clinic is modest but the design is simple yet charming. The doctors didn’t hire an interior designer to fix the place up but relied on their own resourcefulness in making the place cozy for their clients. In their clinic I have found my little place of zen.




In the small corner when you enter, the smell of fresh coffee brewing will greet you. I was informed that their coffee comes directly from New York as one of the Doctors fly there quite often. They call their coffee green bean because everything they use is organic and environment friendly. They also have a branch now serving in NAIA terminal 3. I helped myself to a cup and if you’re a fan of good, strong, brewed coffee, this could be one of your good finds already.




While waiting for the doctor, I checked the prices for their beauty treatments and discovered that for a place that looked a little bit like heaven, their prices were really affordable! To list a few: Cleansing facial costs 250php, brightening facial costs 350php, diamond peel is 500php, IV Glutathione is 1,500php per session but if you book 10 sessions, you only pay 13,000php.  The list goes on and on and the clinic also does laser hair removal, wart removal, ultra sculpt, liposuction and many more slimming and beauty treatments like most beauty clinics and as I flipped through the pages of the many treatments that they offer, I saw how their prices won’t burn a hole in your wallets. A piece of heaven with affordable beauty treatments?  A true gem so far.





Skintone was founded in 2009 when 3 board-certified dermatologists decided that they wanted a beauty clinic that would combine professional skin care (backed up by their extensive experience and knowledge int he field) and facial spa experience (and i reckon, the feel of the place nailed it!) into one. By the looks of it, this place seemed to have made an excellent job in combining the two. But what else blew me away about this clinic? The personal touch. When Dr. Ada Bautista came in, I explained how I was worried about being under the sun for long periods of time because of my photography, and I showed her the visible skin discoloration on my face and she noticed how I had sun spots too. She explained how I would need some form of peeling for my face but since she knew I would have to still go out in the sun, she suggested a milder treatment called Mandelic Peel where the peeling won’t even be visible. The mandelic peel uses fruit acids to it’s good for sensitive skin unlike harsher peels like the glycolic peel. And since it uses fruit acids, it rejuvenates the skin immediately. See, what I liked about this clinic, unlike a lot of the affordable beauty clinics popping up here and there is that here, their board certified dermatologists take time to sit down with you and hear your concerns and personally and professionally suggest what treatments you need. It just seems more personal, it makes me feel like my concerns are heard by the right people. In a lot of the beauty clinics, only trained therapists who really don’t know the science behind skin works on your face and once you’ve started asking questions, you get answers like “ganyan talaga yan ma’am” (that’s really how it is ma’am)or “tanong ko po ma’am tas balikan ko kayo” (I’ll ask around ma’am and get back to you on that) and that’s just frustrating. See how here, a little effort goes a long way and leaves a lasting impression on a client? I spoke to a Doctor that seemed to genuinely care about my concerns and knew exactly what to do with my skin.


Dr. Ada started with basic cleaning, her hands were so light, I immediately felt like sleeping. When she put the peel, I did feel a mild sting but she explained to me that this would happen so I wasn’t surprised when I felt it plus it was tolerable so I didn’t mind it one bit. After removing this with a wet sponge, she applied the peel again and removed again with a wet sponge and we were practically done. Dr. Ada just removed the blackheads and whiteheads and we were through! All in no more than 20 minutes! I looked at the results and immediately saw that indeed my face was brighter and my skin felt lighter and smoother.  You’ll also notice that they use imported masks for other treatments; Dr. Ada told me how they’ve even tried the products first before using it on their clients because they want to be sure that only quality products touch their client’s skin, so if they’re not happy with a product, they throw it away.





We also did hair laser removal on my underarms, and since the clinic invested in good expensive machines, the one that they use for hair removal is quite special. Their machines target the hair follicles so the chances of having burns or the treatment being painful are slim to none. I’ve seen some women who have gone to random clinics or worse, have bought coupons from popular group buying sites only to be gravely disappointed that their skin has been burned by the wrong use of machine or simply by using cheap machines that have cause their skin to burn. I was also informed that’s there’s actually no such thing as permanent hair removal, it’s simply an advertising stint for a lot of clinics. It’s actually called permanent hair reduction where the hair growth becomes slower and thinner. I was also given a whitening serum to use once a day to reduce what we call and looks like chicken skin. We were done with the laser hair removal in less than 30 minutes as well so all in all, I took less than an hour inside Skintone and so far and I was pleased with the results.


Skintone has a special sunblock with SPF 50 that they formulated themselves and I must say that it’s one of the best sunblocks I’ve ever  used so far. It is so light that I feel like water just touched my face and yet it protects my skin from the harsh rays of the sun. I’ve been using it for almost 3 weeks now and I’ve been telling my friends about it already. First intended for the men who stay under the sun for longer periods of time, this sunblock has now become popular with their lady clients who don’t want the heavier feel of sunblocks in the market.  After all, it is too hot in Manila to use sunblocks that leave your face feeling heavy and oily.  I’ve personally stopped using my previous expensive brand for their more affordable and yet more effective sunblock. They guarantee that their various products are safe and ideal for daily use and they all  contain upgraded ingredients with clinically proven benefits. Their own Skintone line includes Solar Moisturizing Sunblock Milk, Clear Mens Sunblock Gel, Ivory Whitening Line, Infinity Anti-Aging Line, Anti Acne Line, Sensitive Skin Line,Jacks Mens Line, Galvanic Ageloc Gels.




I must say that my whole visit was quite enjoyable. I told my friend that I felt like she showed me a secret haven that was tucked away and am now so excited to share with others through this blog. After all that is what we’re here for, to tell more people about the treasures that we find in the hopes that they come and see for themselves how wonderful they truly are.





So when in Manila and looking for the perfect haven for your skin and beauty needs, don’t just go to one of the many beauty clinics that only care about getting your money, go to one that truly cares about you enough to attend to you personally and suggest treatments that are exactly what you need. Visit Skintone Beauty Clinic to  receive the best beauty fix you deserve.

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Address: 107 Luisa 2 Buliding, Maginhawa Street
Teacher’s Village Quezon City
Tel: 4805318