This Fast-Growing Local Beauty Brand is Helping People Overcome Their Skin Problems

Got skin problems? Skinpotions is here to help!

Jonah Sison-Ramos is the CEO and ultimate girl boss of the fast-growing local beauty brand, Skinpotions. With her sister Aileen Sison, Jonah started Skinpotions in 2013 with the vision to help improve people’s lives through skincare and makeup. Since then, their interest sparked, especially since Jonah had personally struggled with teenage acne herself.

Their products range from anti-pimple soap to underarm whitening sets to brightening moisturizer to dark marks erasers, focusing on common skin problems that Filipinos want to overcome in their lives. Some of their products even tackle more than one issue!

Skinpotions Snowberry Cream Mask

Photo from Skinpotions

Their Snowberry Sleeping Cream Mask, for example, is an all-in-one cream that fights and heals acne while lightening hyperpigmentation on the skin at the same time. It can also lighten stretch marks and ease the discomfort of insect bites. You can also use it as a makeup primer, pore filler, and pore minimizer! Buy a tub of it now!

It really isn’t any wonder why their products are so amazing. Jonah took a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a postgraduate degree in the Cosmetic Institute of Australia, which she applies every time they curate new products for Skinpotions. Right now, she is also studying strategic marketing management in order to get more valuable insights into developing and implementing marketing campaigns for the brand.

Skinpotions Tomato Serum full

Photo from Skinpotions

Their Tomato Serum increases fairness, balances pH levels, tightens pores, reduces irritation, cures acne, and even treats sunburn. How awesome is that? Buy it now for only Php295!

Skinpotions’ products are chosen with care and are all well thought out. They really look into people’s common issues and struggles when it comes to skincare and makeup and then evaluate what they can do to address these issues.

After thorough research, they then come up with several prototypes that they test out for several months on different skin types. Sometimes, it may even take years to develop special skincare products because they need to pass a series of tests to ensure safety and efficacy. Overall, though, Skinpotions focuses on looking for products that are effective, affordable, and fun!

Skinpotions Pit Potions

Photo from Skinpotions

Their Pit Potions set will transform your armpits from dark, rough, and damaged to smooth, soft, and noticeable. The Wizard’s Spell is your go-to deodorant spray in keeping your armpits fresh and dry all day long. At night, the Sorcerer’s Cream’s powerful formula will rejuvenate, lighten, and smoothen your underarms. Buy the set for only Php350 here!

Skinpotions isn’t just about skincare, either. They also have amazing beauty products available since they believe that our quest for beauty should be fun and magical. They reflect this mentality down to their cute packaging. Generally speaking, all of their products look fun and cute and are well thought of, FDA-approved, and cost-effective to boot. (Ooooo, that rhymed!)

Skinpotions Glam Pocket

Photo from Skinpotions

Their Glam Pocket lip and cheek tints will remind you of the 90s! Highly pigmented, long-lasting, non-drying, and good for any skin tone, you can carry this cuteness around anywhere. Buy one here for only Php349!

Aside from offering amazing products, Skinpotions is a proudly Filipino brand that we are happy to have discovered. Stock up on your skincare and makeup essentials from Skinpotions now!


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