Whoa! This self-confessed ‘skinner’ has spent six digits on Mobile Legends Skins!

Do you play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? If so, how addicted are you to the game? Have you ever spent money on it? If so, how much?

We spoke to a Mobile Legends player, who has spent six digits on the game so far! Jay is an expat, who has been working in the Philippines for six years now. He shares that he learned about ML from his ex and since he used to play DotA and HON, falling in love with the game really wasn’t hard.

To date, his favorite hero is Estes. “I like to support my team more than kill enemies,” he explains. “I also get to heal myself without going back to the base too often.” He adds, “Estes is a good healer and I think he is the god of healer in ML.”

As of the moment, Jay has 160 skins, the most expensive ones being Gord Conqueror, which cost around Php12,000; and the skin set collaboration of King of Fighters (Athena, Iori Yagami, and Leona) at around the same price.

Jay claims that these skins were really worth the price, though, especially the skin set of King of Fighters. “For a 90s kid who loved the legendary game, I had to have them all,” he exclaims. “Plus, you cannot buy these skins anymore.”

For hardcore Mobile Legends players, Jay recommends buying at least one skin for your favorite hero. If the skin is too expensive, Jay suggests slowly saving some money for it or waiting for a discount even tin order to get it at a lower price.

Jay admits that he actually isn’t a good player, though. He doesn’t even like playing in Rank mode because of how stressful it is with people calling him a skinner all the time. In fact, this is the reason why he keeps buying skins. “I may not be a good player, but at least I look the coolest in the match,” he says.

For his Dream Skin, Jay still hopes to get the Epic skin of Estes. He also wishes for Mobile Legends to collaborate with famous cartoons, like Naruto, Fairytail, or even Marvel heroes in the future.

For some non-skinner gaming (lol), check out our Managing Editor’s video of Ruby’s Legend Skin here:


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