Singles for the single: Here are 7 Christmas songs for those ‘malamig ang Pasko’ like me

Single bells, single bells!

It’s Christmastime and there’s no one to giggle under the mistletoe with—I feel you. So while you’re sipping your hot cocoa or thinking about the money waiting in those lovely angpaos from ninang (godmother), why not listen to a few songs to keep you company during Christmastime? Bonus if you can imagine your crush dueting with you somewhere. He/she totally is.


7. Last Christmas by Wham!

This classic has been wailed into microphones all over the world. It never fails to bring to mind a certain person (or people) who, the very next day, gave your heart away.

This upbeat crowd-favorite is sure to get the whole group to sing together during your Christmas party with an arsenal of side comments and maybe someone shedding a tear.

Crying Jordan

6. Christmases You Were Mine by Taylor Swift

This song is definitely more on the mellow side, perfect for when you break away from the excited Christmas party group to stare out the window and imagine scenarios with your crush/the one that got away. The first line is already packed with feels (“Please take down the mistletoe”), settling you right into a more somber mood. This one is definitely a tearjerker.

Crying Kendall

5. Xmas Lights by Ang Bandang Shirley

Short, sweet, and upbeat, this song is pretty straightforward: Ikaw ang aking naiisip (You are who I’m thinking of). Perfect for that group karaoke moment where your crush is just across the room and you want to lay down some heavy hints. Some advice: It helps to introduce eye contact, or to announce before the song starts, “this is for you!” Success rates may vary.

Thinking of you

4. Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley

The red and green of Christmas is what we’re used to but this Elvis ballad will make you only see blue. This song is perfect for ugly crying along to what with Mr. Presley’s crooning voice and his simple but powerful lyrics (You’ll be doin’ alright with your Christmas of white / But I’ll have a blue, blue, blue Christmas). It’s okay, I cried, too.

Crying Kim

3. Winter Song by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson

Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson always kill it in terms of heartbreaking lyrics and this song is not an exception. Their broody, raspy voices only highlight the hurt and are sure to bring you tears. This is perfect for the jilted lover or the hopelessly heartbroken who never fail to ask: Is love alive? This song is great for imagining you’re in a music video.

Sad Song Music Video Meme

2. Dancing On My Own by Callum Scott

I know, I know—not technically a Christmas song, right? But don’t lie, this song always delivers the hurt.

If you want, you can add the word “Christmas” before the line “lights come on / the music dies” to really add to the holiday hugot. The piano coupled with Callum Scott’s wail always gets me, especially when he gets to “but you don’t see me standing here” and sustains that note for all the time it takes you to reach for a tissue to wipe away your tears.

4 Ply Squidward meme1. This Christmas (Could Be the One) by Ledisi

To end on a more hopeful note, this song by Ledisi communicates the earnest desire to be with the person you love. Complete with a backup choir, this song is sure to get you to have warm, fuzzy feelings about a certain someone. Or is that just me?

tumblr mfji3fmf8E1qbshg7o1 500

There’s no denying that many of us are jealous of the hand-holding couples this Yuletide season so while we’re all simmering in our singleness, why not give this playlist a listen? Do you have your own songs to add to this playlist? What are the songs you would add?

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