Shy Fan Slips Lea Salonga Praise On A Table Napkin While Having Lunch In The UK

Lea Salonga just recently concluded her first-ever United Kingdom tour last July 21, 30 years after first making her mark as Kim in Miss Saigon on the London stage. Aside from the shining reviews which the tour garnered, another way to measure its success would be the impact it had on her audience. And apparently, it left enough of an impression for one fan to send her a sweet message while she was lunching.

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It happened after making a surprise guest appearance at the Lytham Festival where she performed a rendition of Les Miserables’ I Dreamed a Dream. She was having lunch in Lytham the following day when a fan decided to send their well-wishes but was perhaps a bit shy to do it personally. Lea shared on Twitter a photo of a table napkin which was quietly left to commend her.

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The message on the napkin reads: “May we say that yours was the most breathtaking rendition of “I [Dreamed] a Dream” we have ever heard. Truly beautiful. An emotional experience. Thank you.”

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