Shopee Pets is Like Tamagotchi – But With Rewards

Am I the only one obsessed with Shopee games? When I need a break from work, Shopee games have easily become my go-to. My Shopee Farm is always well-tended and I’m literally only 5 stars away from perfecting Shopee Bubble. Lol.

As such, I always get excited whenever Shopee releases a new game. It’s not even about the rewards for me, but they’re definitely a welcome bonus. The newest addition to the Shopee game roster is Shopee Pets, which is practically like a Tamagotchi but with more features (and let’s not forget those rewards!).

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Screenshot from Angeline Rodriguez

If you’re not familiar with Tamagotchi, Shopee Pets is basically a life simulation game where you help your pets evolve through daily activities. You can level up your pet’s experience points and unlock diamond points by feeding, cleaning, and playing with them. Accumulated points can then be used to redeem rewards at the Points Redemption Store.

You can take care of your pets all day, and once they reach level 50, you can choose another pet and repeat the life cycle.

Shopee Pets

Screenshot from Angeline Rodriguez

To level up your pet and gain diamond points, you can do the following:

● Social Interactions: Receive shared items that increase your pet’s happiness bar.
● Schooling: Let your pet attend school and once it reaches level 4, they can join class games, and engage in other activities like quizzes and races to achieve diamond points.
● Grooming: Keep pets squeaky clean by dragging the soap bar on top of the pet. This will increase their XP, as well as its happiness and cleanliness levels.
● Feeding: Make sure your pet is well-fed to maintain its happiness levels. Paid food gives your pet higher XP growth and fullness points.
● Playing: Keep your pets happy by playing with them on a regular basis through Dance, Trampoline, and Soccer.

Shopee Pets Launch

Photo from Shopee

Remember that you can choose your pet at the start of each cycle and also look forward to dressing them up in adorable clothes—from head to toe! You can also start doing improvements on your pet’s home by level 25, unlock new themes, and gain access to upgrades.

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

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