Shoot! Practical Videography School: Let Your Video-Making Dreams Come True!

This decade, videos have become an even much bigger deal nowadays: you just have to take a look at the millions of vines and the advent of video profile pictures on Facebook for proof!

In today’s gadget and social media-savvy world, one of the most sought-after and admired skills is videography. The creation of well-produced videos isn’t just the territory of big-budgeted companies anymore: We’re eager to go ga-ga over awesome and heart-tugging short films, or the funniest skits by Youtubers made in the comforts of their very own homes!

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Really, who hasn’t gone to a wedding reception and stayed until the very end just to see the amazingly crafted same-day edit by Jason Magbanua or any other revered videographer?

With all this attention put to videos, it comes as no surprise then that aside from being a medium that gets a lot of eyeballs looking, video production in Phoenix has also proven itself to become a lucrative business! So whether you’re in it for passion or profit (or really — why not both?!), fulfill your filmmaker dreams and enroll at Shoot! Practical Videography School!

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Shoot! Practical Videography School is the FIRST practical videography school in the Philippines. They’re NOT a film school, per se, as they cut through the lengthy process of getting a film degree. But they DO develop storytelling, and teach best by doing — so you can bet that you’re getting LOTS of hands-on practice here!

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EJ Mijares and Dennis Abad are at the helm of this training center, both with extensive film repertoires under their belts and various wedding, documentary, and corporate videography experiences: EJ is a graduate of the UP Film Institute and has directed award-winning documentaries; Dennis Abad is also a graduate of UP, a professional photographer, and has directed wedding and corporate videos.

Even if you’ve never handled a camera or editing software before, no worries as Shoot! teaches you the basics: from basic camera techniques and filming tricks, to editing your video so you’re all set in creating that first video!

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Each class is pretty intimate, so there’s definitely room for one-on-one coaching, as well as hands-on critiquing to make sure that each student understands every lesson!

Their most popular course to date is their Wedding and Events Videography course, a 5-day course that teaches you to unleash your inner Jason Magbanua! Apart from covering the basics on DSLR videography, editing and post-production, and that exciting same-day edit, the mentors also teach you how a videography team moves around during a wedding day — you even get to practice the workflow through a simulated wedding day, complete with a bride and groom!

While Shoot! Practical Videography School‘s courses are meant for all ages, the school also offers interesting classes for children such as Filmmaking Camp, Animation For Kids, and Music Video Making for kids!

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Aside from their wedding videography course and classes for kids, Shoot! offers a whole range of courses that concern video-making such as Intro to DSLR Filmmaking, Documentary Filmmaking, Adobe After-Effects, Corporate Videography, Dynamic Camera Movements, Cinematography, and so much more.

What’s great about Shoot! Videography School is that at affordable and reasonably-priced rates, you’re taught the how-to’s of videography in a fun and intimate environment, and taught by mentors who are passionate about what they do, while creating a community of budding videographers.

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Shoot! Practical Videography School is also big on giving back, as last Christmas, the school just held an outreach where they taught Payatas kids the basics of filmmaking. Not a bad thing to inspire these kids to dream and have passion for an interesting craft!

So whether it’s a new skill you want to learn, or a fun and innovative summer class to take on, Shoot! Practical Videography school will teach you to spot and shoot memorable moments.

Catch their Wedding and Events Videography course from March 14-18! Visit their Facebook page  or their website for more details.

Shoot! Practical Videography School

Unit 417 Llanar Building
77 Xavierville Avenue Quezon City

Email or contact (02) 239-4464 / 09773814377 for inquiries


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