Shmallows Marshmallow Spread for your Cookies, Cupcakes and so Much More!

While people are raving about Trader Joe’s  Speculoos Cookie Butter (and it is darn good), we also found this local spread that we just need to share with you guys for you to pick up and buy When In Manila as it is just soooo good!!  The Shmallows Marshmallow Spread just recently got out in the market so we made sure we got to try them right away and share with you what we think!


This ‘manila made goodness’ SHMALLOWS marshmallow spread might be quite new in the market but they’re already gaining fans on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. I was lucky to get my hands on all their current flavors, Vanilla, Strawberry and Cookie’s N’ Mallows. They were delivered to me via courier service and it was packed so well that the bottles arrived just as beautiful as though I bought them from the grocery store myself. They’re all in these cute little jars 🙂

SHY_8312 SHY_8314


They all looked so tempting, I just had to try them all immediately, hence the reason why I did not take any of these shots from the top 😉 My immediate favorite was the strawberry, I think it’s because they’re sweeter than the other two and I really have a weakness for anything that’s really, really sweet (during weddings, you will find me lurking in the desert section when everyone else is busy doing what they’re doing ;)) I tried my Shmallows on toast, with breadsticks, on a cupcake, with wafer sticks and my personal favorite…I married the Speculoos  Cookie Butter and Vanilla Shmallows on a spoon and they both lived quite happily (if only but briefly) ever after inside my mouth. Oh. My. God.





The verdict? It seems like sweet spreads out there found themselves a serious competitor through these Shmallows. It’s really good guys!  There are obviously a lot more to try these Shmallows with so feel free to let us know what else would make an excellent pair with any of these bottles 🙂 I think returning Filipinos could also bring these back to the countries they currently live in and for foreigners? This would be a nice treat to take home with you when you leave our beautiful city 🙂 So When In Manila, try some of the local goodness made right here in our Metro and be sure that one of those goodies are these to-die-for Shmallows 🙂


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