Shawn Mendes The Tour in Manila: Here’s What Happened

Words by Clariz Mendoza
Photos by Gia Allana Soriano

Post-concert depression (PCD) is real. Shawn Mendes gave an exceptional performance in Manila that we can’t help but adore and love him even more (if that is even possible!). The 2-year wait for his return was truly worth it as Shawn gave his fans a night to remember. To help with the PCD and to keep the #TeamBahay, #TeamLabas, and #TeamAirport in the loop, I listed some of the highlights from the SMTT Manila concert experience.

6 hours before the much-awaited event, people were already lining up for the concert. The excitement and elation of the crowd could easily be felt even by the passersby as the concert drew nearer. Some fans even wore their Shawn Mendes inspired outfits, mostly with a rose in it inspired by the artwork of Shawn’s third album.

The first thing that you will notice upon entering the venue was the huge rose suspended on one of the stages (that also changed colors!) There were also 2 pianos on each stage and 3 gigantic screens at the front that will give you a closer look at Shawn.

When the lights dimmed and the first beat of “Lost in Japan” dropped, shouts erupted from the crowd that created a ringing sound in my ears. The song easily got the crowd singing and dancing on their feet.

One of my favorite things about the concert was the wristbands. These changed colors along with the beat of every song. In a way, I felt that I was part of the show and not just a spectator. These also created a sea of blues, pinks, and greens in the crowd that was extremely aesthetic.

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Obviously, the SMTT tour would be nothing without the heartthrob. Seeing and hearing Shawn live left me in awe as he showcased his vocal prowess. Listening to him live compared to listening to him on my phone seemed so different yet similar at the same time. His angelic voice stayed the same, yet raw. In my opinion, he even sounded better live! Shawn also looked so good in real life. Wearing plain tank tops did not stop him from making the crowd swoon. And his hair flips just made the crowd scream even louder.

Song after song went by but instead of the energy of the crowd faltering, it intensified. I find it interesting that Shawn’s songs can connect people of different age groups. One father came to the concert as his daughter’s companion and her friends. Initially, he was there just to look after the girls but eventually danced along and ended up enjoying the show himself. I would not be surprised if he decides to join the Mendes Army!

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We all love the tune and the lyrics of “Youth”, but Shawn shed light on what the word youth truly means to him. It does not pertain to the age of a person. His interpretation of the word is that it  “describes a feeling, a feeling of freedom, a feeling of happiness.” So next time you hear this song, know that it has a deeper and meaningful story behind it!

I was also lucky to hear “Never Be Alone” live. It’s the type of song that you feel the emotions and genuineness of the artist. I really enjoyed listening to it! During the bridge of the song, Shawn even requested the crowd to sing with him. When the crowd started singing, I couldn’t help but think that maybe this song is a reminder that as a fandom, we will never be alone. We will always have one another and support Shawn no matter what happens. 

Shawn showed his gratitude and appreciation to his fans by stating that they were the most important part of the show. I share his sentiment because the fan base of Shawn is one of the most dedicated and supportive fan bases out there. You can feel the hype and energy of the crowd in the arena. Everybody had a smile on their faces throughout the show. 

The last song Shawn performed was “In My Blood.” At this time, it was a bittersweet feeling. The concert was nearing its end but at the same time, I was glad to be part of something so beautiful. Confetti fell as Shawn exited the stage. It was a great way to end the night that will surely be remembered by everyone.

Although the concert just happened a few days ago, I believe that I speak on behalf of all the Filipino Mendes Army when I say that we can not wait for his next tour! Shawn, Manila is waiting for you <3

What was your favorite SMTT moment? Share your thoughts with us!


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