5SOS in Manila 2019: An Intimate Show Worth the Wait

Words by Marielle Balmores
Photos by Vivien Del Valle

As soon as the news hit that 5 Seconds of Summer would drop by Manila for a show, numerous fans woke up with anticipation and excitement. Ever since their last show in Manila almost two years ago and followed by their album drop for Youngblood last year, almost every 5SOS fan in the Philippines has been waiting for their return.

5sos mnl 17

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However, the venue and the mechanics of getting tickets to their 2019 Manila show were a lot different compared to their past ones. For this exclusive show, only 300 fans would be allotted spots by streaming the band’s latest single “Easier” then registering their personal details online. Then, it would be up to chance who gets selected! As for the venue, the show was held at the KIA Theatre, which is a lot smaller compared to the past arenas they have played. But all the better, really, as the energy exchanged between artists and fans in a more intimate venue feels more electrifying.

5sos mnl 1
Ashton Irwin, 5SOS drummer and vocalist

The boys of 5 Seconds of Summer, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood, arrived a few days prior to the show and explored destinations around Manila first and even experienced riding the jeepney. The band mentioned that they were going to try the food from famous fast-food chain Jollibee, too, but there has been no video to prove that yet. We wonder if they were able to try Chickenjoy?

As the lucky fans waited for the boys to come out, some broke out in a chorus, singing along to the shuffled songs from the theater speakers and watching the muted videos of the band on the screen. One of those videos happened to be from the music video of their recent single, Easier

5sos mnl 4

Calum Hood, bassist and vocalist

Soon enough, the lights dimmed and everyone got that rush of adrenaline. When the boys came out, no one could refrain their screams. The fans jammed along to every lyric of every song. Their setlist consisted of 5 songs, which they sang acoustically in this order: Want You Back, Who Do You Love, Jet Black Heart, Easier and Youngblood.

I think I froze when they sang Want You Back and did not bother taking a video of them because I was just in awe with how gorgeous (and tall!!) they are in person. They also answered a few questions from their fans, even greeting an advance and surprise happy birthday to  Luke since his birthday was merely five days later! 

5sos mnl 6

Luke Hemmings, lead man


5sos mnl 8

Michael Clifford, guitarist and vocalist

This show felt very short, though. When they said their thank yous and got off the stage, everyone was in disbelief. After all, with this new sound and aesthetic of theirs, we fans just cannot get enough.

But it was definitely worth it because you can really see how much they have evolved since the release of their self-titled debut album last 2013. If their first album revolved around the themes of love and having fun, the new one talks about the deeper and darker parts of them as they are a lot older and have more stories to share. With that, rest assured that I am buying a ticket when they return. No questions asked.

What is your impression of the new sound of the band? Share your thoughts with us!