Shawarma bros @ Cucina Andare


When in Manila, right in the heart of our country’s financial district, my friends and I found ourselves looking for a place where we can just sit down and munch on different cuisine. Trailer food trucks were seen in the streets and parks of the United States, well good news friends, because we can now see trailer food trucks here in our country too. Cusina Andare, is the first food truck market in the Philippines, making the American foodie scene available for all of us. It made me feel that I’m in a whole new world, I was amazed at how diverse their food choices were, it’s where traditional meets modern and modern meets contemporary.

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From snacks, to appetizers, to main courses, to desserts, name it and they have it! We went around the market to check what we can eat. We passed by the kiosk of Cucina Andare’s drinks and instead of finding something to munch on and we found something to drink! Looking at the various beers that Cucina Andare offers, I got curious — how could those beer taste?  Various beer from different countries were available, there were Indian, Czech, German, Danish and etc. So I tried the Czech beer – The Gordon Biersch Marzen, and I enjoyed it. The taste was explicitly light! For a non beer drinker, I usually look for a beer that tastes light — Gordon Biersch Marzen doesn’t have a strong flavor and I liked it. Then I tasted the Danish beer which is the Bear Beer, not only that I enjoyed it, but I loved it! This is my kind of beer! I felt like I was drinking juice, and I liked how light it is. I’m not a beer drinker but these beers might be the beers that may get me start drinking. (Those have 5% alcohol so you still have to drink moderately.)


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Since we found the perfect drink that afternoon, Erwin Sia the PR officer of Cusina Andare, introduced us to Shawarma Bros. They serve Persian style shawarma rice, with a tolerable spicy flavor (at least in my opinion), creamy parmesan cheese, and fine strips of cucumber and onions, top it off with lamb meat, I just had the finest shawarma rice meal I had ever tasted.

Shawarma Bros’ shawarma rice is just so creamy because of their cheese, it’s not the usual grated cheese that we can see on usual shawarmas, but its cheese is thick and creamy parmesan. The rice has its own identity with its spices complementing the different flavor put in the shawarma. I was really stuffed with just one order!


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Beef Shawarma is only at 150php


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Chicken Shawarma – 150php 


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My favorite Lamb Shawarma for only 200php


So when in manila, if you want a shwarma, try Shawarma Bros, you can find them every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 4pm-3am at the Glorietta 3 Park (in front of Makati Shangrila & Landmark). 


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Shawarma bros @ Cucina Andare


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