Shanti Dope’s New Single is the Perfect Anthem for Today’s Generation

The other day, we shared some photos on social media of graffiti around the Metro that said, “Ey, Kamusta?”

Well, we finally cracked the code! It turns out these artworks are related to Shanti Dope’s new song, “Maya”! Have you heard it yet? Check it out here:

We absolutely love how the lyrics are so relatable, especially for today’s go-getter generation. It speaks to those who forge their own path despite the obstacles, those who keep on pushing forward and making their mark no matter what society says, and those who constantly strive to prove themselves.

No matter how many people try to bring us down, especially in today’s world of social media-savvy people who always seem to have something to say, we are still full of positive energy and show no signs of giving up.

We also love how Shanti Dope praises this generation as the hope of the country and points out how idea-filled, open-minded, and open-hearted we are. Whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur, or anyone who is currently struggling in life; the hard-hitting lyrics of “Maya” will remind you that you can fly high despite the difficulties that you face. All you need is some faith in yourself, the strength to stand up for yourself, and some good music to constantly motivate you.

It’s not just the lyrics that we love, either. Aside from being insightful and complex, “Maya” proves to be a banger of a song and is just as powerful as we are. So if you haven’t listened to it yet, now is the time to do so. Let’s turn this into the anthem of our generation.

Enriquez St. Poblacion Makati 1

And hey, make sure you take photos with the “Ey, Kamusta” graffiti when you see it. We’d love to see your photos!