Volleyball: PLDT Snags Title in V-league Reinforced Conference

The PLDT Ultera Ultra-Fast Hitters took the spotlight once again after winning three of four sets – 25-21, 25-22, 22-25, 25-21 – against the Philippine Army in the finals game of the Shakey’s V-league Season 12 Reinforced Conference last Sunday.


Photo Credit to: gmanewsnetwork.com

Despite an accident with teamate Sue Roces during a defensive play in the fourth set, Alyssa Valdez still led PLDT with an overall 22 points, with import Sareea Freeman pitching in 17 points.

After breezing through the elimination rounds, the Philippine Army Lady Troopers didn’t do so well in the finals game. Abigail Marano led the Troopers with only 14 points, with Jovelyn Gonzaga scoring 13 points.

It’s the second time PLDT denied the Army in the finals, the first being in the V-League season 12 Open Conference.