SF Bistro Brings the Best of San Francisco to Manila

SF Bistro Brings the Best of San Francisco to Manila

When in Manila, get a distinct taste of San Francisco with hearty dishes characteristic of the relaxed atmosphere and vibrant flavors of the famed Bay area with the newest restaurant at McKinley Hill, SF Bistro.



Our fave photo-op spot at SF Bistro, right by the towering photo of the Golden Gate bridge

Known for its impeccably fresh and tasty dishes, laid-back touristy vibe and the throngs of specialty restaurants that litter the area, San Francisco’s rich cuisine attracts tourists by the hundredfold just as much as its famed landmarks do. I’m so glad SF Bistro has successfully carried over this alternative dining style to our shores!




SF Bistro serves up an array of flavorful dishes that echo the gastronomic melting pot San Francisco offers. The great food is further accentuated by the SF Bistro’s bright and airy interiors and high ceilings; thus setting the pace for a nice and casual get-together with friends in the daytime. SF Bistro then seamlessly transforms into a sprawling hangout spot at night where diners can enjoy impeccably delicious cocktails, as well as craft and specialty flavored beers to go with their meals. We had the best time bonding over their yummy dishes recently, here’s a run through of our top favorites.


 Salmon Cakes (PHP 270.00)


From tasty munchies to go with your beers, to appetizing finger food to get your lunch/dinner off to a good start, SF Bistro has got a great selection of light eats to ready your palates for an awesome meal. Their Salmon Cakes marry crisp and tender textures perfectly, and are given an extra flavor boost with a drizzling of subtly sweet cherry sauce!


 Firey Chicken Fingers (PHP 260.00)


You can get a much-needed kick out of your starters with SF Bistro’s Firey Chicken, deep-fried chicken chunks smothered in a delightfully sticky sweet and spicy sauce. These bite-sized tenders had me coming back for more!


Mushroom Duo Rockefeller (PHP 240.00)

I’m a hugeee fan of mushrooms though, so I might be a little biased when I say my top pick for this round was SF Bistro’s Mushroom Duo Rockefeller. It features a combo of Portobello and Button mushrooms swimming in a glorious spinach and cream cheese sauce. This dish makes a perfect pair with some sourdough bread, but even more mind-blowing on its own. I couldn’t stop munching on this!


Mushroom Truffle Pasta (PHP 210.00)


 Boston Pork Steak (PHP 295.00)

SF Bistro also offers an array of mouth-watering pastas and meat dishes that hit the spot every time. The flavorful blend of truffles, button and Portobello mushrooms are boldly pronounced in their Mushroom Truffle Pasta. I can’t believe how truffle-y it actually tasted! Another filling favorite is SF Bistro’s Boston Pork Steak, a nice slab of juicy pork steak served with savory mushroom gravy, mixed vegetables and your choice of either mashed or roasted potatoes.


 Melted Tuna Pesto Sandwich (PHP 160.00)


sf-bistro-roast-beef-and-cheese-sandwich-5 Roast Beef and Cheese Sandwich (PHP 175.00)


SF Bistro also has a selection of gourmet sandwiches that are a favorite among the on-the-go yuppie crowd for a quick lunch during their work break. Their Melted Tuna Pesto Sandwich is an entire meal on its own with a generous filling of tuna and herby pesto, pickled onions, tomatoes and cheese sandwiched in crisp Ciabatta bread and served with ranch dip. One of SF Bistro’s best-selling sandwiches, their Roast Beef and Cheese Sandwich is a filling and savory combo of roast angus beef belly with mustard, cheese, and caramelized onions in ciabatta bread and served with gravy dip. Perfect for a quick bite in between work tasks, or a good cure for the worst case of drunken munchies!

Not only does SF Bistro whip up a slew of tasty San Francisco-inspired dishes, they also offer some of the best-tasting martini selections and flavored beers around. I highly suggest heading over to SF Bistro at night to enjoy their Hazelnuttini, a mind-blowing concoction that is both sweet and strong; perfect for the ladies! I swear I could never have just one of those!

From their wide selection of basic yet refreshingly inventive dishes that imbibe the Bay area’s culinary spirit, to their selection of specialty beers and cocktails that are a great way to cap off a hectic work week, SF Bistro is ready and waiting to be your next favorite hang-out spot when in Manila.

SF Bistro at Tuscany, McKinley Hill

 Open from Monday to Sunday – 11:00am – 02:00am


For reservations, you may email them at: reservation.sfbmckinley@gmail.com


Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sanfranciscobistro



SF Bistro Brings the Best of San Francisco to Manila


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