Seventh High : Sumptuous Club Cuisine

When In Manila, who says club food has to be boring?  

In the progressive hub of Bonifcacio Global City rests SEVENTH HIGH, a boutique nightspot that sets the bar for luxury in Manila’s nightlife industry.

It has three areas, The Club, The Lounge, and The Club Room.  This night I went to the Lounge, where I got a a preview of the new menu that goes with the magnanimity of Asia.

The inside was very inviting with huge couches, exquisite interiors and an aura of relaxing fun.  Somewhere you could go to at the end of a workday to just mingle, drink and listen to great entertainment.


To match that ambiance is a power team of experts that can only provide the best dishes – led by father-son tandem Chef Gene & Chef Gino Gonzalez .

Here’s my discovery of the new dishes, which they say, does more to mankind than the discovery of a new star.

Salmon & Tuna Carpaccio. Sashimi has always been my favorite, but this time it came in a different presentation, juicier with the sauce held in a spoon, and the added texture with the seaweed and seed toppings made it different enough for me to go back there for more.

Mison Marinated Steak.  Now if anyone tells me that meat should melt in your mouth, this is definitely one of them.  With Umeboshi Dip, Teriyaki Sauce and Onion Salad, it’s a great mixture of flavors. 

Kani Sarada Pasta.  I super love kani (crabstick).  This is like Kani salad but instead of lettuce or cabbage, you get pasta.  It’s light & refreshing and now on my hit list when I go to Seventh High.




Seventh High also comes out with new cocktails.  A lot of research and development is put into coming out with new drinks and food to serve its customers.  Here are some more entrees that are perfect with their line-up of drinks.

Grilled Chicken Wraps.

For a healthy alternative, the grilled chicken wraps can compliment any cocktail.   

Japanese Kani Corn Pizza.  It’s bite-sized, very light and has that oven-baked taste that comes with the melting of cheese in your mouth.  


Almost everything presented had a different twist to its taste.  It’s something that only professionals with passion in their field can come up with. And to be served with such flair in the ambiance of Seventh High is a perfect combination to the senses.

Boneless Lechon with Onion Jam and Asado Sauce.  Who could go wrong with Lechon? But what really got me was the Onion Jam.  More than any lechon sauce, I personally think this is the best compliment to having this dish.  If you’re going to indulge, might as well go all out with this Lechon.


And to cap that all off would be the Chocolate Truffle Sampler.  It has chili.  Sweet and hot at the same time.  And when I said hot … I meant REALLY HOT! Now who wouldn’t want that kind of combination? Your taste buds would go crazy over this. 




We took all that heaven in our table  while listening to premium live entertainment.  That night it was Arpie and the Multivitamins.  They also open the mic for guests who would want to sing their hearts out in the midst of merriment with friends, great food & drinks.


Now that’s an experience you can only get at THE LOUNGE of Seventh High. I’m already lining up all my friends whom I could enjoy life with at this place.  And did I mention, they offer a Wine Buffet at only 800++ pesos? Sounds like plan? Definitely is.

When In Manila, go to the venue with glamorous events, extensive beverages, five-star trained staff, sumptuous cuisine, and a promise to be the quintessential nightspot of the metro : SEVENTH HIGH.

For reservations call :

Seventh High
7th avenue, Bonifacio High Street, Global City
02-8561786 / 09175852164
The Office @ 7th / reservations @ 7th


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