Seven New Ways to Your Heart with Creative Spanish Cuisine at Tapella

When In Manila, food is essential to life, therefore make it good.  I have been on a journey to find the refined things in life, even in the most ordinary places, especially with food.  Sometimes the best discoveries come to you rather unexpectedly and today the revelation came in a restaurant called Tapella, located in Greenbelt 5, Makati.From the airy & comfortable interiors, you would know that that this place would offer something contemporary, out of the ordinary.tapella-greenbelt-5-makati-when-in-manila-arlene-hidalgo-food-blogger-9524

The wine selections in full view are very inviting, and just screams, have me right now!


Tapella has been around since 2009 and has been constantly satisfying its loyal customer base with spanish cuisine that blends both the comfort of the old mixed with new twists to its dishes.  There is art in cuisine and here are seven new creative ways for you to check out Tapella Resto Bar and start feeding your stomach as you would your mind – often, abundantly, and with solely the best.

(7)  Start the journey to tasting a perfectly balanced salad.

Sometimes you get salads that have overpowering dressings, or ingredients that were just literally tossed together just for the sake of it.  But this salad has a great balance to it, and just sets the mood to more great dishes ahead.  Its name says it all – Mixed greens with candied walnuts and goat cheese with a tamarind balsamic dressing (Ensalada con nueces y queso de cabra con alino de tamarindo) – Php 200.


(6) Learn how to eat cold soup.

We Pinoys are used to having hot soup before meals, but having the Mango gazpacho with salmon roe & crab is both an enjoyable & learning experience at the same time.  Our first reaction was, we didn’t know you could have soup this way, and it was really divine. Gazpacho de mango con huevas de salmon y cangrejo Php 175.


(5) Tasting true Spanish cuisine with the Tapas.

Tapas is like a snack or appetizer in Spanish cuisine and is made to encourage conversation as you don’t wolf down a whole dish in front of you.  This was a good refresher of the tapas tour I had in a trip to Spain a few months back, and it just took me right back there to that beautiful country.


The Chef’s Selection of 8 tapas (P495) gives you much to delight in as each piece brings in a different flavor from the others.  I’d say they’re too pretty to eat so I took a lot of photographs too.  #Foodie #InstaFood #FoodPorn time. Its hard not to order this when you are at Tapella.


(4) Sip a Sangria to get you through life.

While searching Pinterest, I saw 19 Sangrias to get you through life, or 18 unexpected ways to enjoy sangria.  These Sangrias get you through life and let you enjoy the dishes even more!  Tapella has red and white sangrias, Tinto De Verano, Rubia De Verano, Kalimotxo (Php 200 – Php210) along with Signature Sangrias like RONN Sangria, THE RICO J, DON ROBERTO and BANZAI (Php 210 – 350).  Its a little bit of wine, with sweetener, with fruits & a little bit of brandy too.  Perfect for conversations, and perfect for the tapas too.


(3) Get best of both worlds with this different kind of sisig.

Now this Filipino dish has made it to the tables of Tapella because it was discovered in Madrid Fusion (which is “just”the most important international gastronomy congress in the world, celebrated annually in Madrid and brings together the most acclaimed avant-garde chefs from across the globe). Since then this dish and has been requested & clamored by Tapella’s clients.

No wonder, because the softness of the sisig just blended so well in contrast with the crispyness of the shoestring fries.  And not to mention the egg that just pulled in the flavors of this dish together so well.  Its well known pinoy dish meets Spanish cooking.  Huevos con morcilla sisig – Php 275. 


(2) Taste the truffle that will make you want to keep tasting truffle.

Truffle Cream Pasta – Php 395.  You got me at truffle.  Truffles are the diamonds of the kitchen.  Its very glamorous, even linked to terms such as haute cuisine.  But its basically fungi, really good tasting ones.  And when you get a little bit of that and mix it with pasta, it comes out really exquisitely tasty.  The good thing about the Truffle Cream Pasta of Tapella is that its not that pungent but has this deep & rich taste that doesn’t easily get you “umay”. One of my favorites. Really, if I’m craving for pasta, I’m definitely going back to Tapella for this.


(1) Get into the sea of flavours.

This is a great addition to the dishes we had earlier.  You know how sometimes you get a lot of food in front of you and you just get overwhelmed by all the flavors.   I’d say this perfectly fit the lineup because it was very light yet satisfied the seafood craving in us.  Red snapper in white wine parsely sauce with mussels and mushrooms – Php 550.


All this creativity in the kitchen came from Chef Robert Spakowski who is the brainchild behind the dishes we just brought to you.  Bringing in experience from Madrid, New York & China, he brought in more life to Tapella by striking a good balance between the traditional Spanish cuisine we have all come to love and twists that can surprise your tastebuds.  He’s a cool dude.


The Al Fresco dining outdoors is a favorite hangout place of expats, and other loyal clients. You can also see yourself drinking some wine or alcoholic beverage here while soaking in the ambiance of Greenbelt 5, Makati.  Chef Rob also tells us that after sometime, Tapella customers who frequent here become friends, say hi & hellos because this common hang out place is what ties them.  I’m sure you’d meet a new friend or two at Tapella Resto Bar.



When In Manila, valentines is fast approaching and finding ways to your heart can start at Tapella Resto Bar, for there is no love sincerer than the love of food.

Tapella Resto Bar

G/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St Legazpi Village, Makati, 1228 Makati, Philippines

Open : Mondays – Sundays 11am – 1am

0917 712 4546 / 757 271

Facebook :
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