SeriAsia’s Sparty Packages Brings the Luxury of the Spa to Your Homes



When in Manila, you can never run out of new things to experience. And SeriAsia‘s mobile home spa service should not be missed when considering getting away from the busy hustle and bustle of life in the metro. It’s perfect for when you want to spend some quality time at home with the beaux or a unique new way to spend time with your best friends or even a perfect gift for a bridal shower.


With so many things keeping us busy and schedules that occupy our already hectic days, sometimes, all we really need is a time to relax and be with good company. A new way of relaxing and at the same time enjoying the company of a loved one or a group of friends is by availing SeriAsia’s Spa party or as they’d like to call it ‘Sparty’ packages and allow yourself and your friends to be pampered like no other. With SeriAsia’s sparty packages, you also no longer need to worry about trivial things such as gas or parking. Just pick a date, a place and the time you and your friends or your better half would want to have a ‘Sparty’ to cap off your busy work week.


My friends and I try to spend time together every now and then and when the opportunity to try SeriAsia’s mobile home spa services came up, I made sure my friends would also be in for the ride. We scheduled our Sparty one Sunday afternoon just after lunch and it was nice to have the SeriAsia staff arrive an hour early to be able to set up and turn the family room into a relaxing home spa haven. As my friends and I were having lunch, the staff were also busy prepping up the room. When we were ready, the aroma of massage oils greeted us and the relaxing sounds of mood music played in the background which immediately made us feel like we just stepped into an actual Spa and it also was notable that the family room did turn into a mini spa  in just a matter of minutes. The setup, the aroma, and the sounds,  impressed us very much and we couldn’t help but be even more excited about what we were just about to experience together. 



SeriAsia Products were also showcased in one part of the room and flyers also made available 

no need to bring anything else as SeriAsia provides the bathrobes, slippers, spa products, etc.

My friends chow chow Sumo  was very much involved in making sure that the home spa set up was up to standards 😉


 our ‘Sparty’ package was good for 5 people so I thought it was perfect to invite my college besties
We were asked to change into the bathrobes they provided (which we also got to keep in the end), that way none of the products would get on our clothes. We also didn’t need to bring anything else with us to prepare for this ‘Sparty’ as SeriAsia took care of everything from the robes, the slippers, the facial products, massage products, candles, music, everything! So as we changed into the bathrobes, the ladies also helped us put on our head bands to avoid having our hair get in the way of doing the facials properly. We were so happy with the whole set up, we couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything but just kept taking pictures and started uploading picture updates on our personal facebook and twitter accounts. 





First up was the do-it-yourself facials using SeriAsia‘s bio cleanse facial wash. We were taught how to wash our faces properly, how moving your hands in an upward circular motion was important to avoid the eventual sagging of the skin and how we should wipe away the soap with a wet facial sponge as well.  My friend’s husband wasn’t supposed to join us during this whole process but since another friend of ours was running late, he sat down with us and surprisingly enjoyed the experience with us, making a few jokes here and there which added to the already jovial mood in the room. 

SeriAsia products are manufactured in Malaysia and SeriAsia Philippines is the sole contributor of their products in our country. The main ingredient found in most of SeriAsia’s products is the ganoderma mushrooms which is widely used to promote health and longevity in traditional chinese medicine. Advocates have claimed that this mushroom can help in lowering the blood pressure, keep your cholesterol in check and stimulate blood circulation.





The second and third  steps to the process was applying the vital oil and then later on adding the chakra crystals which, after a few minutes had a lifting effect. The vital oil is specially formulated for the face and contains botanical extracts to moisturize the skin and reveal a radiant complexion. A term we all learned that day was the term water soluble, because that was exactly what the vital oil was. While most oils are difficult to wash off, the water soluble formula of their vital oil was easily rinsed and left no oily residue on our skin. 


Once a week, it is recommended that we exfoliate our skin and to do that, SeriAsia has chakra crystals to mix with the vital oil. This facial exfoliator has a mixture of salt and minerals that can purify, nourish and revitalize your skin.






 Up next was the 5 element mask. You can choose from any of the five elements that would be perfect for you and your skin. There’s wood for whitening and lifting, fire for acne and sensitive skin, gold for anti-aging, water for lifting and earth for hydrating. We all got to try the wood and well, based on the number f pictures we took, this part was one of my favorites. 




 wood mask for whitening and lifting


We were warned that the smell of the wood mask might bother us but the scent was actually so earthy that the warning really didn’t seem like a big deal. The wood mask is rich in vitamins and minerals to purify, revitalizing and nourish the skin. And while we were waiting for the mask to dry, some of us who didn’t opt for the body massage was given an optional treat of having our head and shoulders massaged for 45 minutes.  Their aromatic oils smelled so good too that the massage immediately put us in a relaxed and sleepy mood. 







For those who didn’t choose the head and shoulders massage, my friends enjoyed a 45-minute back massage. If you plan on doing this activity with your friends, feel free to choose either as they were both very enjoyable and yet relaxing at the same time.


After washing the wood mask away, we finished the do-it-yourself facial with SeriAsia’s tinted moisturizer with SPF. SPF or Sun Protection Factor — is a measure of a sunscreen’s ability to prevent UVB from damaging the skin. It takes about 20 minutes for your unprotected skin to start turning red, using SeriAsia’s tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 sunscreen theoretically prevents reddening 15 times longer — about five hours. So you can see how important it is for us to apply sunscreens with SPF daily.  I’ve been on the constant lookout for a great tinted moisturizers for a while now and after trying theirs, I believe I’ve found the perfect one. I thought it wouldn’t suit my skin tone as I’m very ‘morena’ but as we all used the same tinted moisturizer, it was clear that the moisturizer adjusts to your skin tone whether you’re fair skinned or not. Tinted moisturizers are great for those days when you just don’t feel like wearing make up.


fresh-faced and make-up free from the ‘Sparty.’



We all loved how we felt so refreshed afterwards. We took a picture of us all make-up free except for the tinted moisturizer that we had on and I was happy to continue my day with no make up at all. After the facials and the massage, my friends and I enjoyed the healthy snack that the staff of SeriAsia has provided for us. See? Told you you didn’t have to bring anything as they’ve really thought of everything! It was a great way to cap off the afternoon and a great way to welcome the new week ahead too. I got to bond with my friends, have a relaxing facial and massage and felt rested and pampered throughout. And the price? The hassle free service of having the luxury of the spa right in our home only cost 1,500php per person. Not bad for something I would have paid an arm and a leg for at a premium Spa. 



healthy eats for the afternoon

cute vans that take the staff anywhere you please

So when in Manila and looking for that great way to spend time with your beaux or your friends, or maybe want to treat your best friend or want something new and creative for a birthday party or bridal shower, do check out SeriAsia’s ‘Sparty’ packages and you’re sure to be in for a treat.  They have massage therapies, facial treatments and many more services  for you and your friends to choose from. You can book from anywhere in Metro Manila as SeriAsia has branches from Quezon City even all the way to Tagaytay. Check out their websites below to find out more about them. After the afternoon’s experience, my friends and I are already looking forward to our next ‘Sparty.’



65D Scout Borromeo St. South Triangle, QC


Alphaland Southgate Mall

Makati Ramada Manila Central


Summit Ridge Hotel, Tagaytay

For reservations, call:

709 – SERI (7274)


0917 – 810 – SERI (7374)




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