Sentro 1771 New Menu – Rekindle the Love for Filipino Food

When in Manila, Sentro 1771 is one of the pioneers in concocting original Modern Filipino cuisine. It began in 2002 when Executive Chef Vicky Pacheco brought Filipino cuisine to the next level by presenting local dishes in a chic and elegant setting, combining Swiss and French techniques with familiar Filipino flavors. If you want a taste of modern Filipino dishes with a touch of lux, pay Sentro 1771 a visit.


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Sentro 1771 in Serendra, The Fort.


Sentro 1771’s well-loved dish is the innovative Corned Beef Sinigang. Since time immemorial, people lined up to have a taste of this dish. This is one of the pivotal dishes that fired up the imaginations of chefs around the country and started a new trend in contemporary Filipino restaurants.


The Corned Beef Sinigang contained corned beef short ribs and boneless shanks cooked in tamarind broth. Native vegetables like eggplant, string beans, and bokchoy. Sinigang is a well-loved Pinoy dish and we even have many variations of this dish. To date, the Corned Beef Sinigang is the most innovative for me.


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Sentro 1771’s Corned Beef Sinigang (PhP 310 / PhP 595) 


Chef Vicky continues to innovate with Sentro 1771’s new menu. The items are classified not as fish, meat, or appetizers, but according to every guest’s needs. First-time diners must try the Sentro Signature Dishes. Foodies looking for something new and exciting will be delighted with the A la Sentro offerings. Busy professionals with no time to cook can indulge in comfort food from the Home Cooking and Filipino Favorites section. The Vegetables and Salads section is sure to satisfy vegetarians and healthy eaters. The Rice section celebrates the Filipino staple with creative offerings that are meals in themselves. The extensive menu includes compelling choices from its Pica Pica, Spring Rolls, Inihaw and Iba’t Ibang Adobo. This goes to show how Chef Vicky keeps the customers’ best interests at heart. 


Sentro 1771 is committed not only to being the first in Modern Filipino Cuisine, but first in quality as well. The restaurants are built not around the cash register, but around the full-service kitchen. This means everything is guaranteed fresh and made à la minute – no commissary. Not only are the new offerings tantalizing, they are also healthier and diet-friendly, featuring naturally raised pork and brown rice or red rice as options. Whatever you are craving, there is something for you in Sentro 1771’s latest menu.


Asian in origin with an appealing Filipino flavor, the Duck Pancakes are a must-order when looking for an alternative to pork or beef. Strips of native duck slow-cooked in beer, rhum vinegar, soy sauce, and muscovado sugar are tucked into Chinese pancake pockets and served on soup spoons. This is a perfect starter – sweet and succulent.


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Duck Pancakes (PhP 170)