Selfies on Stolen Phone in SM North EDSA: Another Thiefie (Thief Selfie)?

 Selfies on Stolen Phone in SM North EDSA: Another Thiefie (Thief Selfie)?


When in Manila previously posted an article about a thief who stole a phone from a volunteer in the Villamor Airbase . The volunteer was helping victims of the Typhoon Yolanda. The thief later took selfies, which were automatically uploaded to the phone owner’s Dropbox account. After the story went viral, ABS-CBN and GMA also reported about it. You can see the update of the story here.

Something similar happened recently, this time in SM North EDSA. A Facebook user posted the following selfies from her stolen phone through her Facebook account and wrote:

“My phone was stolen last night in SM North EDSA. Phone settings automatically upload pictures taken into my Dropbox. Three hours after my phone was stolen, the daughter of who I assume is the pickpocket took a couple of selfies without doing a factory reset.”

“The pickpocket was very skilled (10-15 seconds from the last time I checked my bag while walking at a brisk pace to catch an appointment, and RIGHT BESIDE A WALL, my bag was suddenly open and amid all my bag trash he/she/it was able to fish for my phone in a matter of seconds without me or the many people around me noticing.) I believe they operate from a gang that steals phones regularly because a couple of people I know also got pickpocketed there.” 

If you have any information, please, please do not hesitate to contact me. 09178587708. Simply sharing this would be a big help and if it does reach them or people like them, THANK YOU.

If anything, I hope this message gets to them: That no matter how much they think someone is richer or doing much better in life than them, people work hard to earn the things they want. Stealing things people worked for and bought for a fair deal in order to get easy money or just to have a phone that’s waaaaay above their life station’s right to want for NO EFFORT is so unjust I CANT EVEN—may all criminals die a horrible and excruciatingly drawn-out, violent death.

The person who had their phone stolen asked their contacts over Facebook to help spread the word, not just to find her phone (which she acknowledged was unlikely), but also to help others become more aware. A 10-15 seconds lapse was all it took to have a hard-earned phone stolen. These are the photos found from the stolen phone:


thief selfie sm north edsa

thief selfie sm north edsa

thief selfie sm north edsa

thief selfie sm north edsa







































How about you? What are your thoughts on this? Have you had any similar experiences? If you know the person on this photo or any information about the theft, feel free to comment and contact the victim with her information noted above the photos.


Selfies and Thieves in SM North EDSA: Another Thiefie (Thief Selfie)?