Search For Eva’s True Love: Son Secretly Films Mom To Help

Not only is this a story about finding true romantic love, it is also a story about a son’s love for his mother!

Looking for adam

That famous Beatles song goes: “All we need is love!” and this lovely son made sure his mother gets just that. 

So, for mother’s day, this equally loving son unveils his secret project. He has been filming his mother to show the world just how adorable she is. 

Meet Eva from Norway. She has been looking for love the last few years but “it just hasn’t worked out,” her son Alex says. Watch this heartwarming video son’s attempt to find his mother true love.

Eva seems very fun and interesting. And honestly, after bringing up a son that loving and caring, I’m sure she’s a catch!

Looking for adam2

What do you think about this project? Do you know anyone who could be Eva’s true love?