Top 5 Feel Good Videos for Mother’s Day

When In Manila, we gotta love our funny, crazy, sometimes-nagging-but-always-awesome moms! This mother’s day, besides picking out a great gift for them, here are some feel good videos that they’d enjoy watching and will remind us all of our mom’s love for us. Some of these videos are old, but we still decided to include them as they hit the right spot!

1. Same Love, Different Times

No one knows us like our moms, but let us not forget that she was once a kid too. Our lolas were the ones who raised her up to be the awesome mom she is now! Let’s not forget our lolas this Mother’s Day.

2. Blind Mom Feels Ultrasound (Every Mom Deserves to Embrace Each Moment)

Every mom deserves that special moment, and this hospital made it possible for a blind mom to feel what she cannot see.

3. World’s Toughest Job

Nothing compares to the 24/7 job our moms do for us… especially when we were still in our preschool years.

4.How to Make a Memory

Sometimes, our moms are so busy working and making sure everything is perfect that they tend to forget all about themselves. Let us remind them of how special they are… especially to us!

and here’s just a little added bonus to make you laugh (just so we end in a happy note)

5. Jimmy Kimmel asks kids, “Who do you love more?)

Thanks mom for your your unending love and support! For being there for us 24/7 and being our supermom! …and guys, don’t forget to greet your grandmothers too! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!


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