Scream Park Manila: Where Horror Films Come to Life

Scream Park Manila: Where Horror Films Come to Life


Scream Park Manila

When in Manila and searching for a real-life Walking Dead experience, then you mustn’t miss out on the terror that is Scream Park Manila!

Scream Park Manila

The growing fascination for zombies has given rise to a number of zombie-related entertainment ventures, may it be costume parties, movies, games, fun runs – you name it! Well, Scream Park Manila brings to life the thrill that zombie fanatics have been craving for. 

Scream Park Manila

Scream Park Manila 5

When you approach the massive steel gate entrance of the theme park, you will be greeted by zombies roaming out and about as you cue for the line. The fun hasn’t even started yet! Once you enter, you will be welcomed by even more zombies literally coming out of nowhere. There was a delay in opening of the mazes. To know what ACTUALLY happened, you can check out this article: Halloween Haunts Scream Park SCAM? What REALLY Happened at the Grand Opening Epic Fail

Here’s a snippet of our Scream Park Manila experience:



Scream Park Manila 15


Here are four rules you must follow at Scream Park Manila:


Taking photos is not allowed. Exception: at the Old Town.

You can’t touch the zombies.

The zombies can’t touch you.



There are four areas in Scream Park Manila: the Old Town, the Haunted Mansion, the Grave Yard, and the Asylum. However, only the first three are accessible at the moment. Nevertheless, it’s still worth the trip!

Scream Park Manila 11

 Scream Park Manila

The Old Town was inspired by the architecture of Vigan in Ilocos. The wooden windows give a blast-to-the-past ambiance that gives off an even more exhilarating experience. Your next stop would be the Haunted Mansion, a maze that makes you feel like you’re in an actual horror movie. This would probably be the most terrifying part of the tour! Here, you will witness all the petrifying characters you’ve watched in horror films. I’ll leave that up to you to discover. The final maze would be the Grave Yard. By the name it self, I knew right there and then that it would be even more horrifying.

Scream Park Manila 2

As you end your scream-fest night, you can relax those nerves and vocal chords by helping yourself to some F&D at the stalls just right outside the grave yard.

Scream Park Manila 3

Scream Park Manila 4

You can even play games and win prizes at the stalls located just right after the first maze.

Scream Park Manila 10

Scream Park Manila 9

At 9PM, be sure you go to the “castle” for a special treat from the zombies.

Scream Park Manila 12

Scream Park Manila 13

Aside from the astounding workmanship in constructing the mazes and  making the props, I would say that the attention to detail in crafting the zombie’s make up and costume is extremely remarkable. What made our Scream Park Manila experience even more memorable is that the zombies NEVER go out of character (Yes, even when you see them in the washroom!).

Scream Park Manila 12

Scream Park Manila 17 

 When in Manila and looking for a thrill of a lifetime, be sure to visit Scream Park Manila!



Scream Park Manila

Diosdado Macapagal Avenue cor. Gil Puyat Avenue, Pasay City
(near World Trade Center, Manila)

Thu – Sat: 6:00 pm – 2:00 am

Sun: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm


+63 9277126772 +63 9274930287


Ticket Prices:

General Admission (Over 13 years) – P650

VIP Express Line Pass
Avoid the lines limited passes per night (includes small gift bag) – P1400

VIP Express Line after general admission (Additional) – P750
This is within the Scream Park only.

Family (Sundays only) – P1400
2 adults + 2 children (under 13)

Kids under 13 above the line – P400

Senior citizens 20% off
Please purchase your ticket at pre purchases counter


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 Scream Park Manila Website:

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Scream Park Manila: Where Horror Films Come to Life

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