7 True Facts Why Plants VS Zombies 2 is the Best Game in the World

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had downloaded and installed Plants VS Zombies and was introduced to the epic clash between vegetation and the undead. After playing various games of increasing levels of profanity, violence, and low replayability in my self-sustained gaming career, Plants vs Zombies was an absolute breath of fresh air. 






Indeed, PVZ has won over 30 Game of the Year Awards. It’s just that good. With its huge commercial success comes the usual merchandising spin offs: toys, comics, clothing, cartoons, etc. If you want to buy a Plants vs Zombies Pea Shooter Plushir?t=whenicom 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00A8E5GI4, why not buy it on Amazon by clicking that affiliate link so I can earn some loose change?


After countless hours of playing the game, filling up my garden, reaching up to 50 flags in Survival mode (I know some who’ve reached over a hundred–some people just have no lives), feeding my Tree of Wisdom (I heard that if you reach 1000 feet the Tree of Wisdom will do something other than repeat the same tips over and over), I had doubted that any game could ever come close to the horticultural gaming perfection that is Pop Cap’s Plants VS Zombies.


I am happy to report that I was wrong.

2013-09-11 15.35.19


Just last month, Pop Cap games, already acquired by EA for a cool billion dollars, released Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time, to the delight of botanists and zombiephiles everywhere.

As before, it was released for free, but this time, there are more in-app purchases.


Here’s the game trailer:




For you skeptics out there (and where would the Internet be without skeptics, I ask?), here are 7 True Facts as to why PVZ2 is the best game in the world:


1. The Zombie Almanac


Meeting the various assortment of Plants and Zombies is a gratifying and LOL-inducing experience. This is made even more memorable with your very own almanac. Here there are descriptions of each Plant and Zombie’s damage, recharge time, as well as incredibly witty descriptions. 







2013-09-11 15.39.00


2013-09-11 15.39.39


2. The Strategy

What makes any movie or comic good is the story. And the same goes for video games. Now you might say that going back in time to retrieve a taco is not such a great story, but you try writing a story then and tell me how great it is. In PvZ2 the story isn’t all there is to it, there are also mini games, bonus levels, survival mode challenges, levels where you can only spend a certain amount of sun or have a limited number of plants, etc, all these make this a very replayable and challenging game. As a gamer who thinks walkthroughs are for wimps (although I have cheated in those puzzle games where you’re stuck in a locked room and have to click around to get out. Those are crazy difficult), PvZ2 is challenging, but you know that with enough brains (see what I did there?), it can be beat.


3. Graphics

The designs and graphics are top-notch as always, with additional animations for some of the old plants we know so well. The clean, 2D graphics of PvZ is maintained in the sequel, such that even when there’s so much going on on your screen, it doesn’t feel cluttered or confusing. The backgrounds are great, and I really like how each level’s mower is very much in line with the theme.


4. New Levels

No more night or fog levels, instead, you travel to Ancient Egypt, the Pirate Seas, the Wild West, and even the Distant Future, in a heroic quest to help Crazy Dave experience eating a particularly tasty mexican delicacy once again.


2013-09-11 15.40.48


2013-09-11 15.40.56


2013-09-11 15.41.03