Scientists create device to combat rising sea levels

A group of scientists from MIT created a device to combat rising sea levels. This group of researchers, led by Skylar Tibbits have developed a way to rebuild shorelines.

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The team was invited by Invena, a group in the Maldives that saw the team’s efforts to address sea-level rise. With this, the team is currently developing a device that works like a ramp. It uses the force of waves to push sand toward the shore.

In an interview with MIT News, he said, “We are designing, testing, building, and deploying submersible devices that, based simply on their geometry in relationship to the ocean waves and currents, promote sand accumulation in specific areas.”

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Tibbits said, “By collaborating with the natural forces of the ocean we believe we can promote the self-organization of sand structures to grow islands and rebuild beaches.” He adds, “‘We believe this is a sustainable approach to the problem that can eventually be scaled to many coastal areas around the world.”

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