School Never Prepared us for Life – These Personality Development Classes will!

Everyone has a dream they want to achieve. Everyone has those goals and passions that they want to be able to accomplish. However, to be able to reach the top, we also need to learn a thing or two along the way. While formal schooling definitely gives us an extra edge, it isn’t always enough. There are a lot more things we need to know about that we’re exactly taught in school… that’s where La Vie Institute comes in!

When I first heard of La Vie Institute, I initially imagined a modeling  school where I would be taught how to walk properly, dress properly and talk properly. While La Vie Institute’s personality development program does offer these, they also taught me a whole lot more.


School teaches us the fundamentals in life – how to read, write, calculate etc. However, once you’re in the real world, you will need to do A LOT more than just read and write. In the real world, your perfect test scores will be of very little use if you do not know how to properly present yourself, or worse if you don’t really have a specific goal. It only takes 7 seconds to make an impression, what impression would you want your next boss or business partner to have on you? I never really enjoyed school, but I DID understand it’s benefits, the personality development classes in La Vie institute on the other hand helped me realize why I am the way I am and painted a clearer picture for my future. So allow me to share the things I DID learn from La Vie Institute that I never learned in school.


 1. I learned my purpose in life


Ever since we were kids, our parents and teachers would always tell us how we each have this talent or particular purpose in life. Though I knew I had one, I wasn’t really sure what it was. One of the classes we had was entitled “Discovering Your Purpose”, it was a 2 part class which I initially imagined will just be a bunch of nonsense. However, the class actually helped me understand certain aspects of my life. Areas which I needed to improve on or barriers that were stopping me from actually pursuing my purpose. Somehow, we all know our purpose, it’s just trapped in our subconscious. This class helped me rediscover it and start my journey.


2. I learned how to properly present myself


So when they said personality development, I didn’t imagine we’d also be having classes that focused on or outward appearances such as fashion and make-up. Initially I thought, what do clothes have to do with my personality? But as mentioned earlier, it only takes 7 seconds to make an impression. Are you sure you want to enter that room of VIPs wearing your ripped jeans and cropped top? While this part may seem “obvious” to some, there are many others including myself who didn’t have that basic fashion know-how growing up. This classes will help you identify styles that look well on your body shape, as well as give you tips on when you should wear what. The make-up classes on the other hand were useful for both male and female participants as we were given basic tips on how to look presentable in the workplace or at meetings.


3. I how to resolve conflicts properly

La-Vie-Institute-Alabang-06We got to act out personal conflicts we had and assessed what we could’ve done instead

This was one of my FAVORITE classes during the course. My classmates and I loved this so much that after part 2, we just remained seated still trying to rethink everything discussed. This class will teach you how to deal with conflicts from YOUR end. You see, when in a conflict, we tend to put blame on others. “He did this and it pisses me off!” The thing is, though others MAY have some mistake, WE do too. This class teaches us how to look at that perspective, and the best thing is, even without actually talking to that other person… we actually felt more calm after the activities. We learned to reflect and look within, we learned to dig deeper and understand why certain things made us react in certain ways.


4. I learned how to get my message across with the proper tone and body language


I’m a VERY talkative person, but when asked to stand in front of a crowd, there will be a few seconds when I just mumble and laugh! Moreover, my hands just go ALL OVER the place! I don’t ever know where to put them! (I’m sure you guys have this problem too!) During the Personality Development classes, we had several opportunities to speak in front of the class – we created a Powerpoint presentation/ talk, we gave a toast, we gave a speech, etc. Here we were able to critique ourselves and our friends for self-improvement. We also had movement and theater classes where we learned how to use our eyes, face and body to send out certain messages. Moreover, the classes are built in such a way that you will not only be learning from the mentors, but from your classmates as well. We even got to do some theater play!


5. I learned how to manage stress and be happy

La Vie

Yep! You read that right. There are 2 stress management classes included in La Vie Institute’s Personality Development workshop. This is something I feel EVERYONE needs! With the fast  paced  life we live in and overloaded responsibilities here and there, we all need to learn how to properly handle certain things to avoid being stress . The classes give tips on how to avoid and manage stress. Moreover, another class called the “Art of Happiness” will help you become a happier person through a variety of exercises. One thing we did was the LAUGHTER YOGA where we did different poses and just kept laughing. When your body/ face starts to feel happy, your brain forgets the stress and feels this too!



These are just a few of the things I learned during my 3-6 month stay in La Vie Institute. I wish these classes were somehow included in high school or college, my life would’ve been so much easier if so. What I loved about all this is that knowing more, despite not being perfect made me more confident in different aspects. These classes also helped open my mind even more to my capabilities. After completing the classes, I found myself enrolling in more and more seminars and workshops all toward self-improvement. I can honestly say I’m not half the person I used to be anymore… ‘coz I’m so much more! My favorite part about the personality development workshop at La Vie Institute is that they didn’t tell me who or what I should become, they simply help me become proud of who I already am.


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